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Analysis On Three Day Road

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In the novel, Three Day Road, the three main characters, Elijah, Niska and Xavier are Cree Indians. They are Native Americans that do not rely on Europeans and make their living by hunting in the bush. They are maintaining their culture and identity after the the Europeans come as before. However, Elijah and Xavier are volunteering in the First World War. They are losing their identity gradually in ways of culture, status, power, thinking, beliefs, etc. Xavier and Niska try to maintain their culture but Elijah wants to get rid of it totally.
The three main characters, Elijah, Xavier and Niska are losing their culture gradually throughout the novel. The Europeans tries to obliterate the Cree culture by setting up residential schools, which are schools that First Nations attend to learn the European culture and forget their own. All of the three main characters, Elijah, Xavier and Niska go through the residential school. At the school, children are not allowed to speak in their own tongue or they will be punished. As Niska describes, “When I was caught speaking my tongue, they'd force lye soap into my mouth and not give me anything else to eat for days”(Boyden 92). Luckily, they all survive but each character has different impacts after attending the school. Xavier and Niska stay not really long at the residential school and it is not enough for it to destroy their culture and beliefs. However, Elijah stays at the school for a long time and he can speak English really well and he can blend in the European culture. They lose their culture even more after the war. Elijah does what he can in order to remove his Cree culture for example he likes to speak in a British accent. Even Xavier loses the Cree culture gradually throughout the war, although he tries to maintain it. He always make reference to the Cree traditions. However, as Niska says, “As a child he was so proud that more than once he claimed he would never speak the wemistikoshiw tongue. And now he does even in his sleep” (89).
Secondly, Elijah and Xavier are losing their identity in The First World War. They are fighting for the Europeans and are commanded by the Europeans. It is ironic that the...

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