Three Different Level Solutions To The Childhood Obesity Problem

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Have you ever seen overweight children who fall behind their peers when they run? Have you ever encountered a child asking for another hamburger when she or he is eating one? Overweight children are common in modern society, especially in the United States. Notably, the rate of childhood obesity in the United States increased rapidly from 1980 to 2008. The obesity rate among children aged 6-11 years increased from 7% to 20% while the obesity rate among adolescence aged 12-19 increased from 5% to 18% (Childhood Obesity Facts, 2011. para. 2). When these children’s weight are ten percent or above the weight that is recommended for their age and height, they become to be considered as obese children (Obesity In Children And Teens, 2008, para. 2). For example, a 10-year-old boy with 1.2 meter height who weighs 50 kgs is obese, according to the children BMI (children body mass index=mass(kg)/height(metric)^2 ), and the recommended weight for his height is between 20.5 kg and 27.8 kg. Numerous factors, including overeating, the lack of exercise, family obesity history can result in childhood obesity. As a result, these children may encounter difficulties when doing activities such as climbing or dancing.
More than just making children’s movements awkward, childhood obesity causes both physical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and joint problems, and psychological problems such as autism, anxiety and even depression. Childhood obesity is threatening children’s life. Unfortunately, few people are fully informed about the harm of childhood obesity and even children’s parents are not familiar with it. Thus, finding effective solutions to childhood obesity is urgent. Children are our hope for the future, and their health condition is a prediction of the nationwide health tendency. If childhood obesity becomes an epidemic, when this generation joins the main labor force, they would cost more for medical treatment, and work less efficiently, which can slow down the nation’s development. In order to keep children away from obesity, children themselves should learn to control diet and participate in exercise, parents should help children form a healthy lifestyle, and the society should regulate unhealthy food products and provide abundant accesses to healthy food.
The first solution is that children themselves are responsible for eating less and exercising more. This is an individual-level solution. According to Obesity In Children And Teens (2008), many of the obesity cases are caused by overeating and the lack of exercise. Thus, whether children are aware when they are full, and play active parts in indoor and outdoor exercises, matter. Eating less is the most effective way to lose weight as it restricts calorie intake—eating food with exceeding calories that causes a weight gain. Exercising can burn extra fats and help avoid fat accumulation, the first step towards becoming obese. As for children themselves, they need to learn to control the...

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