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Three Different Approaches To Achieve Organizational Goals

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Three Different Approaches to Achieve Organizational Goals
“Organizational effectiveness can only be achieved if all organizational members know their specific roles and responsibilities.” (Burkett, 1995, para. 1) Health care organizations, regardless of size, must deal with the dynamic complexities of many moving parts. In order to develop and maintain a successful organization, it is very important for all employees to know what is expected of them. Many hospitals and clinics choose to use mission statements to focus employees on the end goal, but it is the harnessing of role responsibility that clearly defines each individual’s role. “By developing a role responsibility matrix, managers can define roles clearly and consistently, and identify roles that are overlapping and those that are value added.” (Burkett, 1995, para. 1) Recently, I interviewed the Diagnostic Imaging Flight Chief, MSgt. Matthew Vahey at the United States Air Force Academy and inquired not only how he achieves organizational success through role responsibility but also how he achieves goals through recruiting and retention, use of outside resources, and constant process improvement. Overall, his ideas were very different from my own starting with whether recruiting or retention was more critical to success.
Recruiting Versus Retention
MSgt. Vahey stated “Recruiting high quality employees is the most important aspect of human resources. If you work in an environment of high quality people, then retention does not become quite an issue.” I disagree and think retention is much more important than recruiting. Paying to advertise for open positions, training new employees, and offering relocation assistance typically cost much more than recognizing employees with awards, providing advancement opportunities and offering comprehensive benefit packages. The Sisters of Saint Mary Health Care System designed a workplace desirable for retention. “The system’s leaders believed that they could improve care by empowering staff at the front lines so that every employee had the opportunity to make decisions about the care process.” (Lanser, 2003, p.7) As a result, not only did productivity increase, but the organization was awarded the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award for quality management and achievement. While it is still critical to mission success to recruit high quality employees, managers must have a system in place to ensure retention of those highly skilled and motivated individuals. “The essence of successful leadership in any hospital department is the ability to develop and instill in healthcare workers a common vision and to stimulate determined adherence to the pursuit of that vision. The manager must inspire and influence others—motivate other people and communicate effectively with them.” (Longest Jr., 1997, p. 29) Employees don’t want to be managed, they want to be lead. Leaders inspire and empower their workers. Most would like to see the...

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