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Three Dimensional Shapes Essay

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Introduction about online 3 dimensional shapes:

In geometry the three dimensions are known as length, width and height or any three perpendicular directions can act as 3D. The basic three dimensional shapes are listed below. In online students can get the help about three dimensional shapes. Students can get the formulas and example problems in online. In this article we shall see how to calculate the volume and surface area of three dimensional shapes.
Online 3 dimensional shapes lesson help – Formulas:



Volume of the cube (v) = a3 cubic units

a – side length

Surface area of cube (SA) = 6a2 square units

a – side length



The volume of the cylinder (v) = π x r2 x h cubic unit

r – Radius of cylinder

h – Height

Surface area of right cylinder (SA) = 2 π r2 + 2 π r h square units

r – Radius

h – Height



Volume of the cone (v) = [1/3] π r2 h cubic units

v - Volume of cone

r – Radius

h – Height

Surface area of cone (A) = lateral surface area of cone + area of base

= π r s + π r2 square unit

s – Slant height
Online 3 dimensional shapes lesson help – Example problem:


1. Cube has side length 14.5 cm. Solve for volume.



a = 14.5 cm


Volume of the cube (v) = a3 cubic units

= 14.5 x 14.5 x 14.5

= 3048.62

Volume of the cube (v) = 3048.62 cm3

Surface area of cube (SA) = 6 a2 square units

= 6 x 14.52

= 6 x 210.25


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