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In the years between 1815 and 1850 Canada was a promise land for many new and young settlers, many of these settlers voyaged to Canada as they were loured by settlement propaganda, however, for some, emigration is not a choice, but a necessity. It is apparent when juxtaposing these three documents that although Canada was labeled the land of hope and new opportunities, these opportunists came at a great expense along with extreme lifestyle changes. This can be shown through the similarities and differences in their initial months in Canada, and in the jobs they undertook.
Canada was thought by many Europeans to be a savior, and a place to start a new life, a place to start fresh and leave all other troubles behind them. Catharine Parr Traill was one of these people . She and her husband immigrated to Canada after her father left her family with a great debt, which would not let them continue with their lifestyle in England . Susanna Moodie, Traill’s sister also found in great debt also though it the only choice but to come to Canada, after much convincing from her husband.
These two documents are similar in many ways. Both family members, Parr Traill and Moodie were found in a state which led for them to come to Canada. Each of them coming with the hope of starting a new life, and leaving behind the troubles of England. To their despair they were both put into harsh situations which they were not prepared for from the very beginning of their immigration. This can be seen when Catharine writes about her first months as a settler “The only road that was available for bringing up goods for the nearest town was on the opposite side of the water, which was obliged to be crossed in a log.” This shows the reader just how undeveloped the area was when they arrived, and how much Traill and her family had to do just to survive. Just how unprepared Susanna Moodie was when she arrived can also be found in her writing of her first visit to her new home “I gazed upon the place in perfect dismay, for I had never seen such a shed called a house before.” This also proves that Canada really was not what Susanna was hoping for, as she had not even set foot in her new home and was already unimpressed.
Mary Ann Shadd was an African-American woman, an abolitionist, a journalist, a lawyer and a teacher. She was the first woman to do many things, including the first woman to become a newspaper editor, and first woman law student in North America. When the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 was put into act Shadd and her brother moved to Canada and settled in Canada West.
Canada was Shadds only hope in order to be free. Unlike Susanna Moodie, and Catharine Parr Traill, Shadd did not have harsh experiences in Canada, likewise she found herself accomplishing many things, as well as publishing her own promotional pamphlet for Canada. Seeing as Shadd’s hopes for Canada were what she expected she created her pamphlet in order to share her feelings about her settlement with...

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