Three Effective Tools For A Pr Professional

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There are a lot of great collaboration tools out right now and a PR professional can benefit from utilizing this technology. When comparing and contrasting the tools, MegaMeeting, Scribblar and ProjectPier are the three best collaboration tools based on price, ease of use and efficiency, along with benefits and features. A PR professional utilizing these tools will be thankful they chose these to enhance and grow their business.
I chose these tools for a reason. First, MegaMeeting is a webinar service, which allows a PR professional to stay in contact with customer/clients and business associates worldwide. Scribblar is an online white board tool. Scribblar can help a PR professional ...view middle of the document...

Polling is available for the participants, which is great for a PR professional to know how the meeting is going, specifically for seminars. After the meeting or seminar is over, the audience can evaluate and rate how it went overall. MegaMeeting will provide a report to the PR professional. Given the many features this service provides and the cost being as low as $39 a month, MegaMeeting is well worth the cost. MegaMeeting does not offer mobile applications but I can see them offering this in the future. In comparing the tool to others such as Skype, Fuze Box and AnyMeeting, which offer free options, it is worth the money to use MegaMeeting. These other tools do not have the features that MegaMeeting offers.
Scribblar costs a maximum of $39 a month and at this allows up to 50 users per room. The website states “The perfect online tutoring platform” (Scribblar, 2014). This tool, however, is great for seminars and conferences of all kinds. Participants can join the rooms and is designed for creative thinking, brainstorming and real-time collaboration amongst multiple users, regardless of their location. Users can upload and download images and revise photos. Collaborating with business colleagues is easy with Scribblar because the tool provides users the ability to chat and also text each other. Many teachers use this tool to teach students. Other whiteboard tools such as Padlet, Cacoo, and Scriblink are good products but when comparing all these whiteboard tools, Scribblar is the best choice. When Scribblar first came out, it had glitches and did not work so well but it has evolved and is proving to be the whiteboard tool of choice.
ProjectPier is a project management tool. Andrexa, the maker of Project Pier states on its website “manage your projects in the cloud with Andrexa's secure ProjectPier hosting service” (ProjectPier, 2014). Features include email and task notifications. ProjectPier also lets users know how their project is going to keep everyone on task. What is great about this tool is that a PR professional can have as many people as they want to track and work with the project. The...

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