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Three Forms Of Maori And Pakeha Interaction Before 1840.

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(a) Describe THREE forms of Maori and Pakeha interaction before 1840. Evaluate the view of modern historians that Maori dominated these early exchanges and acted out of primarily Maori motives.Pre 1840 contact between Maori and Pakeha was limited to the coast and revolved around trade, religion and in some cases conflict. These early exchanges were dominated by both Maori and Pakeha depending on the situation, and throughout these exchanges Maori kept uniquely Maori motives.Trade took many forms before 1840 and was a driving force behind contact between Maori and Pakeha. It started in 1769 when Captain Cook traded with Maori for food, sex and flax but both Maori and Pakeha had a lack of understanding of the other and some of the exchanges turned violent. This was a pattern that was to continue. Maori trade was motivated by Manna which came with came with metallic things like nails but most of all Musket's a weapon which swayed the balance of power the way of the tribe processing them. A situation similar to that of the U.S.A. with the Atomic bomb, a balance was achieved when the U.S.S.R. developed the bomb. In the same way when almost all tribes had muskets the potential losses of warfare rose and it became not worth it. Trade soon developed from an occasional occurrence to a way of life for some Maori, as early as 1800 Maori were cultivating Potatoes in the Bay of Islands for trade with Whalers. Mostly for muskets 25 bags of potatoes could be exchanged for just one musket. Labour was also traded and Maori would work on whaling ships or in the processing of the whale meat. Another trade item was sex, Maori women would often spend several days on a ship and would be then presented with a musket and often some other small gift. This became the main form of trade in Kororareka and for this reason it became known as the read light district of the South Pacific. Venereal diseases and other diseases were spread through this close contact. By acquiring British goods acculturation occurred and the Maori became more and more European like.Before 1840 there were three missionary groups. The Anglican Church represented by the Church Missionary Society (CMS), as well as the Wesleyans and the Roman Catholics .Missionaries differed from other Pakeha because they aimed to set up mission stations and weren't motivated by personal gain. Although some did make money from trading with Maori, such as Samuel Marsden made 300 pounds from his first voyage to New Zealand in 1808. They tried to change Maori traditions such as cannibalism. Seeing this barbaric and disgusting. They tried to convert Maori but had very little success, one way they were able to attract Maori was by teaching literacy to Maori and eventually the translating of the bible by missionaries including William William's in 1924. Maori had a thirst for the Manna gained from literacy and were determined students. They also attracted Maori to Christianity by trading unfortunately they often had to trade...

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