Three Important Facts About Bhp Billiton A Multinational Mining Company In Australia

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The safety and health of people is core to every aspect of business. People return home safe and well at the end of day and enabling them to end their working life fit and healthy are central to everything industry do.
There operations are in system in place to identify, manage and effectively respond to foreseeable crisis and emergencies. Collectively, these requirements are designed to enable our operations to safely return to full function as possible.

Mainstream science of climate change is correct; human activities are having an impact on our climate, ...view middle of the document...

Strength and diversity of its cash-flows from a very diversified and high quality portfolio of commodities and its pristine balance sheet. It has also kept increasing its dividends through the crisis, as it did again today.
Diverse product base is strength. = The company has a very strong balance sheet and cash flows, but its true strength lies in its ability to diversify across different geographical regions and a wide range of commodities.BHP Billiton is a major global player in the mining and production of aluminium, copper, energy coal, iron ore, manganese, metallurgical coal, nickel, silver, and titanium. The company also operates in the petroleum industry, being involved in exploration as well as production of oil and gas. In terms of geography, the company’s diversification is hard to match. It operates in more than 100 locations on six continents, with most of its mining operations concentrated in Australia, South America, and South Africa.
Steady financial performance.

Environmental issues = The radiation plans for Olympic Dam are more than 15 years out of date because of an administrative bungle, the Environment Protection Authority has revealed. The plans are needed because between 2003 and 2012, BHP-Billiton reported 31 radiation leaks at its Olympic Dam mine, totalling more than 3000 cubic metres of material, or the volume of a large hot-air balloon.
Weather disruption= Potential physical impacts of climate change on our operations may include changes in precipitation patterns, increased storm intensities and higher average temperatures, which may adversely affect the productivity and financial performance of our operations.
Evaluating the firm’s portfolio of resources and the bundles of heterogeneous resources and capabilities managers have created. This perspective suggest that individual firm must possess at least some resources and capabilities that other companies do not – at least in the same combination. (Hanson, Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2011, p. 72)
Identify the Resources, Capabilities and core Competencies.
The resource capabilities and core competencies provide the foundation of competitive advantage. Resources are the source .of a firm’s capabilities.
Resources cover a spectrum of individual, social and organisational phenomena. Some of the firm’s resources are tangible while other is intangible.
Tangible resources
Financial resources: Firms borrowing capacity and ability to generate internal funds.
Organisation resources: Firm’s formal reporting structure and it’s formal planning, controlling and coordinating system. .
Physical resources: Location of a firm’s plant and equipments. Access to raw materials
Technological resources:...

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