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"Three Kinds Of Books To Read" Tells About Three Different Types Of Books That Are Most Read. They Are Fiction, Nonfiction And Poetry.

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Three Kinds of Books to ReadI'm an avid reader and I have found the most interesting books fall within three categories. The categories are fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I have read books in all of these categories and although I'm not an expert, I will explain the differences of these categories.Nonfiction is probably my favorite category, because while reading these books the reader is reliving something that happened to someone or an event that happened somewhere. These books are based on true facts, being about an event or about an individual person's life, or the life of a family. The reader can get the feeling that they know these people or were there during the event by reading the facts. They can also get to know how someone used to think by reading the thoughts of the people in the book during the events in that person's life. The author takes the story to places and events that actually exist and happened. The reader not only learns about individual people, but also about the differences in time lines, for example what a specific place was like in the 1900's and what it is like in the 2000's. The reader can learn about the difference in ethics between different countries, and about the eating habits in different countries. The reader can learn the difference between how styles have changed from years gone by and now. The reader can also learn how the style in houses has changed and even the differences in what types of plants were planted most commonly years ago and now. These types of stories can give the reader an idea of what it would be like to live in a different time or place. There are many different things that can be learned by reading this type of book, and many subjects that fall under this topic (nonfiction) from autobiographies to the history of a country.Fiction is another very interesting type of book to read. When reading a fiction book, the reader can let their imagination run to the fullest extent possible. The reader can take the writers words and put their own images to the story. Each reader makes the story their own when doing this, two people can read the same story and have two completely different ideas on what the writer had pictured when writing that story. With fiction, the reader knows when they start reading, that the facts in the book are not real. The story can range anywhere from a thousand years ago to a thousand years in the future. The story can be about witches or warlocks, dragons and demons or about underwater countries. The reader can fly the skies on the back of a fire-breathing dragon, while being chased by a warlock, only to end up fighting with magic to save the world. The writer can take the...

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