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Three Main Causes For The Fall Of The Tsar

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The main problems that led to the Tsar's overthrow in Russia in 1917 were particularly linked with the economical situation created in Russia, the fact that the Tsar by March on 1917 lost complete power of his most trusted strengths in his government and also his image was ruined from his recent failures in war and the less of effort the Tsarina did when she took charge of the government when her husband was away. These problems led to other issues concerning the fall of the Tsar, such as the abandon of the army after the strikes from Russians, and the abandon of the Duma towards the Tsar. Therefore we can list three main problems that contributed the fall of the Tsar: the economical and financial problems that the country had that resulted the strikes, lack of faith from his most trusted parts of the government such as the army and the Duma, and in the end his lack of experience in commanding the Russian army which did not help to enhance his image.The most important problem that contributed in Tsar's overthrow was the Russian's people lack of satisfaction from their government. Workers had no rights and they were extremely poor. A lot of towns were being built for factories but still workers lived in terrible conditions. From the fact that food was being distributed for the war's benefit there was food shortage in many cities and this did not help the economical situation in Russia. It actually gave the people a reason more to organize strikes against the government in order to gain their rights and to overcome the famine in their lives. One perfect example of this was the winter in Petrograd in 1916-1917 and other cities where they had famine from the bad conditions they were living without any food and also from the severity of the wintry weather. A lot of strikes took place in Russia during 1917 run by the people, e.g in March 7th when the steelworkers went on strike, the on March 9th to 10th when the demonstrations intensified and the Tsarina calls in the army to fire on demonstrators. This can be issued as one of the most important problems causing the fall of the Tsar because initiated the anger of the people towards their leader and their lack of...

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