Three Main Types Of Bear In Alaska

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In Alaska there are 3 main types of bears. They are brown bears, black bears, and polar bears.
These categories are broken down into different genetics of bear species. The most common bear found in Alaska is the black bear. The black bears are smaller than most bears. They are found in almost all states in the US except Hawaii. Most are found in forest, but some may be found in swamps and mountains. An estimated 100,000 black bears live in Alaska.
Black bears in Alaska range from sea level to the wooded forest. Where they live depends on what time of the year it is. Most black bears are not found on islands in the Gulf of Alaska, but some are found in the southeast near those islands except for Admiralty, Baranof, Chichagof, and Kruzof. They are not on these islands because most are inhabited by brown bears and most bears like to keep to themselves. You hear more about bears that live in the forest then the ones that live by the sea. The habitat of a black bear that lives in the forest is normally wooded areas that has thick vegetation.
The habitat is also made up of trees with nuts and bushes with berries. Black Bears are omnivores so they eat these along with other small animals. They are opportunist when it comes to food. Mostly bears eat vegetation during the spring but they will eat mainly anything they encounter. During the summer the bears eat salmon out of the rivers if they can catch it. If they can’t catch any they mainly survive off of berries, mainly blueberries, ants, grubs, and other insects. In the fall their diet starts to shift and they start to save up food for winter. They are also known to eat newborn moose calves during the winter when food is scarce.
Black bears in Alaska very in color from jet black to a cinnamon color. They are the smallest bear of North America. An adult bear is about sixty inches, nose to tail, and weigh about 180-200 pounds in the spring. This is the time that they will weigh the less. During the fall black bears normally will be about twenty percent heavier from when they emerge from hibernation. Black bears have a distinct face which is easier to tell apart from other bears. Also a black bears claws only grow to be about one and a half inches, unlike other bears. They are about two to three feet in height.
A black bear female will normally reproduce cubs every 2 years. Most mate in late May or early...

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