Three Major Problems Of Global Politics

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Decision-making is a complex process that is influenced by many different factors. Three major factors that affect global politics today include free-ridership, groupthink, and shadow of the past. These are problems that are central to scholars of I.R., and serve as obstacles to achieving cooperation among countries. To better understand the impact of these issues, it will be necessary to assess why each is important, and the theories that offer the best explanations of their presence. By analyzing these aspects, reaching possible solutions will be much more attainable and the more clear it will become as to how these problems are interconnected with each other.
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It allows room for inaction among people, when they could and should be working towards a good cause for everyone like improving the environment. To combat such an issue in an achievable way, it would be wise for the countries to become educated on the ways they can benefit in the short-term as well as the long-term from contributing to global issues. This teaching should come from scientists from all around the world as well as those from within the country at hand in order to help ensure the people of the information’s genuineness.
Another problem that is central to global politics is groupthink. Groupthink is when the minority of a group will agree with the majority just to be accepted by the group as a whole. It is a phenomenon that is closely tied with the normative hypothesis, which asserts that conflict is least likely to arise from people that share similar forms of behavior. An example of groupthink would be a group college student hazing a new undergraduate student. There may be people within the group who feel it is wrong to treat the student in such terrible ways, but they will choose to not disagree with the group as a whole because they might not be accepted. Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that is important to global politics because it hinders civilization’s progress. It causes people to withhold their ideas that could potentially be very beneficial to the issue at hand. Referring back to the example of the college students, one student who voices their opposition to the harmful actions could have the potential to alter the actions that the group would have normally taken. Not only would the student being mistreated benefit from the dissent within the group, but others in the group would as well because they might hold a similar position to the matter. Normative theory asserts that conflict is least likely to arise from people that share similar forms of behavior. The more similar a group’s ideologies are from one another, the more likely it is to create a long-lasting relationship and less likely to create disputes. A solution to the problem of groupthink could be to make it a requirement to have every member of a group offer some form of criticism to a proposed idea. By requiring such behavior, the group could then have a better chance of producing a more favorable solution.
Finally, a third major problem that holds the attention of many I.R. scholars is the shadow of the past, which is the history of relations between countries. Prior relations among countries heavily influences the ways in which they interact today. Consider the history between white and black people in America. Given the oppression that the black people faced (and still face today) from the white people, it is not completely unreasonable for them to hold prejudices about white people. Another example would be the Lebanese relationship with the Syrians. After Syria’s nearly 30 years of occupation of Lebanon, the Lebanese people grew to distrust the...

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