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Three Major Reasons Why Mexicans Choose To Immigrate Illegally

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For a Mexican to risk his life to illegally cross the border to get to the United States, he must have a good reason. The main reasons why someone would immigrate are to earn money, support family, or have a better life. Although these reasons all seem similar, the situation of the immigrant causes them to differ. Earning money simply means to earn money, while supporting one’s family means that they are not just earning money for themselves. The third reason, to have a better life, can be defined in different ways, but the main reason why someone would go to America for a better life is to either escape Mexico’s corrupt government or to live in a better destination. The Other Side of Immigration digs deep into the lives of actual Mexicans living in their unfortunate society. The reasons to make such a movement across the border are understandable considering the conditions Mexicans tolerate.
In the modern world, money is everything. Money is the reason some people are smarter than others, why some people have nicer clothes and bigger houses, and it is unfortunately one of the reasons for depression. When people are unable to receive a good education, which is only available for a high cost in most places, their futures are then put at risk. They wind up having a poor job that only pays for minimal food supply and a small house. Most Mexicans are farmers or factory workers, and it has been made clear in The Other Side of Immigration that working in the agricultural industry is a bad choice nowadays because the US has dominated the industry. Unlike the States, producers in Mexico lack technology and land. Most people buy from the US not because of a difference in quality, but in cost. Pig farming was a successful kind of farming, but NAFTA caused it to decline. The only benefits of NAFTA have been used in the avocado industry, which is not impressive since there are few avocado producers. Aside from the agricultural part of Mexico, the people in general are forced to depend on the returning immigrants for money, which is not usually a smart choice since Mexicans are selfish with their money. With the few opportunities that Mexico offers, people decide that it is a smarter decision to immigrate to the United States and earn their money there; however, it does not take much time for the immigrants to realize that living in the US does not mean that earning money is any easier.
A parent’s job is to support...

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