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Three Major Religions Essay

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May 19, 2008In our world today people need to study and learn about other religious faiths, beliefs, and practices in order to understand other people. Many people have strong religious convictions, and it would be hard -almost impossible to understand the person without first understanding their faith and where they are coming from. I feel religion is an important aspect in people's lives. Many people, even anthropologist do not know or have the correct explanation of why religion even exists today. I agree with Cline when he states "Does it matter whether we can explain and understand religion, even if only a little bit? Given the importance of religion to people's lives and culture, the answer to this should be obvious. If religion is inexplicable, then significant aspects of human behavior, belief, and motivation are also inexplicable. We need to at least try to address religion and religious belief in order to get a better handle on who we are as human beings." (Cline, 2008) I have learned so much about the religions around the world. I have had to set aside some of my own beliefs to catch concepts of other religions. I will share the knowledge I have learned about my own religion-Christianity, also Islam and Judaism.All three of these religions are monotheistic-that means they all have a concept of their only being one God and not several Gods. Judaism believes in one God that cannot be made up into parts. To attempt to divide God's oneness is seen as a pagan throwback to many Gods. Islam embraces an immaterial God, invisible God-one to be feared in his omnipotence. Christians believe in an Almighty and powerful God- the only way to salvation. Christians hold strong on belief of a trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.Although these religions all believe and have love for one God- these religions refer to their God as a different name than each other. "Christians believe God to be a trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Islam's refer to their God as Allah "the sole authority. For Judaism they call their God by Yahweh or Jehovah."( and Christianity both believe God is the creator, the "cause of all existent things" (Fisher, 1999 p. 155). They believe God created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and rested on the seventh day, which soon became the Sabbath day. I belive the Sabbath day to be a day to worship God and to rest for the week, just as God rested. I have requested Sundays off because I love to spend my day in church and resting. To Christians Sundays are the Sabbath day. "After creating the material universe, God created man and woman in the divine "image" or "likeness", placing them as masters of the earth, rulers of "the fish of the seas, and the birds of the sky, and all living that creep on Earth." (Fisher, 1999 p.137)All these religions, as with any other religion have scared writings. A sacred writing is a written text that has meaning to that particular religion. "What is the...

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