Three Foods I Will Never Eat Again

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The amount of stories of inadequate foods people have consumed with sickness or even death as a result is astonishing. Having a bad experience such as getting sick after eating something would certainly create a negative thought about that food, causing one to avoid it in the future. Another common reason for not eating certain foods is for the lack of nutrients contained. There are very few foods that I don’t eat because of bad experiences; therefore, most of the foods I avoid are a result of the small amount of nutrients contained in those foods.
The only food that I avoid because of a bad experience is deep fried cheese curds, and many would find avoiding cheese curds odd because I grew up in Wisconsin where deep fried cheese curds are considered a relatively popular food. Coincidently, my first time eating cheese curds would be my last. I was very young, and I decided after I had already eaten a sizable lunch that it would be a good idea to eat as many cheese curds I could possibly fit in my stomach. I then went straight to the back seat of my father’s recently bought car. We then drove to a store that was about an hour away. After getting very car sick, I eventually vomited all over my father’s car and my sister’s pants. The sight of my slightly digested deep fried cheese curds sitting on the carpet of my father’s new car made it quite unappetizing to think of eating such a snack ever again. Fortunately cheese curds are not extraordinarily nutritious. In fact selected cheese curds to be in its “Top 50 Fattiest Foods in The States”. A&W’s cheese curds have an astonishing forty grams of fat per serving (50).
Another Wisconsin food that is very popular is hotdogs. After viewing the health facts, I have come to the conclusion that it is defiantly not because of the health benefits. According to Self Nutrition Data of the 148 calories in the average hot dog,...

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