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Three Unforgettable Artists Since The 1960's: Heart, Brian Mc Knight, And Pink

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From the 1960s until now, it’s truly mind boggling to see and hear how music has changed. From pianos to keyboards, and from bands to turntables, music has taken many twists and turns for the better, and sometimes for the worst. However, despite the onslaught of new and emerging artists, three of them are unforgettable in my mind: Heart, Brian McKnight, and Pink.
Ann and Nancy Wilson are the “creative spark” behind the rock group Heart, which emerged in the 1970s (Ankeny, J., & Prato G. (2007). The two sisters, who are 4 years apart, grew up in Southern California and Taiwan, until the family finally settled in Washington. Growing up as children, they expressed interest in folk and pop music. Nancy took this interest to the next level and took lessons. After graduating college, they parted ways. Ann became a folk singer while Nancy joined the then all male group Heart. Ann and guitarist, Mike Fisher, became involved in a relationship. When Nancy finally joined the group, she became involved with guitarist Roger Fisher. After a performance in Vancouver, the band was signed by Shelly Siegel, owner of Mushroom, a Canadian label. In 1975, Heart recorded their hit album, Dreamboat Annie. The album almost instantly went platinum when it hit stores in the United States. Their single Barracuda was also a hit. In 1982, they hit a slump when their albums, Audition and Passionworks, failed to the same recognition as Dreamboat Annie did. The group was written off and sent to Capitol Records. However, in 1985, Heart made its comeback by selling over 5 million copies of their self-titled album. Ann and Nancy separated from the group in the early 1990s to work with their newly formed acoustic quartet, the Lovemongers. They released an EP before rejoining Heart in 1993. The band went on hiatus in the late 1990s, and Ann and Nancy once again set their focus on their quartet. Heart returned in 2004 and released a live version of Dreamboat Annie in 2007. (Ankeny, J., & Prato G. (2007).
Two of my favorite songs by Heart are ‘Barracuda’ and ‘Crazy on You’ (Ankeny, J., & Prato G. (2007). ‘Barracuda’ is a strange song actually. I’m not too sure what they’re talking about exactly, but it’s very catchy. It may have something to do with the Wilson sisters’ failed relationships with the Fisher brothers. The song is very upbeat and the guitar is gives the song more of an edge, but at times Ann sounds a little angry. I think she’s definitely trying to send a message, so good luck to you “Mr. Barracuda”.
From the moment I heard Nancy’s acoustic introduction for ‘Crazy on You,’ I was hooked. This song is basically about love and lovemaking. Ann is singing about this man that she loves, and she wants to go exactly what the title of the song suggests. The song isn’t typical love song. Just like ‘Barracuda’ it’s got somewhat of an upbeat tempo, but Nancy’s solo at the beginning is amazing. It’s a very smooth song with sensual and wistful lyrics.
Brian McKnight is often...

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