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Three Ways That A Manager Can Cope With Negative Emotions

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Three Ways that a Manager can Cope with Negative Emotions
After an employee layoff, a manager can expect that that remaining employees will show signs of signs of distrust towards management, feel anxiety, and their productivity may decrease. Following a layoff, management should communicate individually with their staff and share that they are valued employees. Explain to them why and how they are valued; tell them what you feel they contribute to your effective, continuously improving work environment (Heathfield, 2014). It is important for employees to know how they are contributing to the goals of the company and its profitability. If the employee understands their value and management has confirmed their value to the company; it should reduce the anxiety felt by the employee.
When management is communicating in a group format as employees what rumors are being discussed. Management needs to be honest with their employees and express the reason for the layoffs, assuming the layoff was due to company financial reasons. Management should be transparent in discussing the current conditions that the organization faces, and the potential impact on the workforce (Cascio, 2010). No matter how much the employees trusted management prior to the layoffs, that trust has been tarnished at best and broken completely broken at worst; by honestly answering employee rumors allows the manager to begin the healing process and begin regaining the employees trust. If the manager does not know they answer, them that you do not know the answer but the manager should search for the answer and provide a response when an answer is found.
The manager should express the changes that need to be addressed following the layoffs. Responsibilities change with a smaller staff and the work still needs to be accomplished. Ensure the staff understands how the work process will work and who is responsible for each step of the work process. Management should establish clear, realistic, attainable short-term goals (Unattributed, 2014). This will allow the employees to understand what is expected of them and help them to focus on the priorities at hand and to recommit themselves to the organization. This will help employees from concentrating on the past and energize them to focus on the future. This will be easier for some employees than others, management should point out opportunities that employees may have now and that new responsibilities can increase their value to the organization and assist them in progressing their careers.
Process of Conducting the Dismissal Meeting
If the organization is going to downsize inform employees that possibility exists, this gives employees plenty of advance notice and allows them to find a new job. Advance notice may save the organization money in severance packages and unemployment tax costs, if the employee finds a job with another company. Should an employee require to be terminated; it should be conducted by the supervisor in a private...

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