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Three Ways In Which India Can Be Led To A More Gendered Balanced State

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In both developing and developed nations, women have throughout history and in modern states, have had a fairly low representation in the work force and political world. However in India, even though there has been an increase of women in its political sphere, women there still exist in a ‘man’s world’ and are held back by the entrenched traditional gender roles prevalent in India. It is important, however, for any nation, though especially developing nations such as India, to have gender-balanced nation-states so that developing nations can not only increase their global economy; but also create an equal society were both genders are represented equally. In this paper, I will discuss three ways in which India can be led to a more gendered balanced state, which includes elevating the status of women in India by eliminating certain traditions and customs that allow for inequality toward women, decreasing the illiteracy rates of women in India, and as well as increasing the political representation of women in India.
In India, women are separated from the public sphere through tradition, customs, religions, creed and the caste system; all of which play a tremendous role in India’s day-to-day politics (Singh, 2013). These customs and traditions have created norms that have become so entrenched into India’s society that they have become values where women are viewed upon negatively when such norms are not followed. Such norms include taking up the role of the housewife where an Indian woman is supposed to take care of her husband, her children, her husband’s family and sometimes extended family (Payne & Nassar, 2012, p. 148). Be respectful to her elders, not talk back to her husband or parents, obey her husband, not have relationships with any males until she is marries, marry only to someone who her family chooses for her, wear appropriate clothing and learning household chores (Kumbhare, 2009, p. 127). Another norm that is also prevalent in the rural parts of India that impede women going out of their homes is the believe that the women in the family hold the family honor, and that as long as the females of the household do not step outside of their homes and keep themselves restricted to the boundaries set out by social norms they keep the family honor intact (Kumbhare, 2009, p. 127). All these traditions, customs, etc, through their centuries of practice, have placed women bellow men in status, kept them constricted to their homes, and made them primarily responsible for their households (Payne & Nassar, 2012, p. 148). The discrimination and social obstacles that women face in society begin first in the homes, before she is even born because she is born a girl (Kumbhare, 2009, p. 124). This role of the housewife that Indian women have been fixed with has made it hard for women to go out and join the work force or the political sphere without them being criticized or discriminated against for making the decision to do so. In letting go of most...

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