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Three Most Meaningful Texts That Have Been Covered

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Throughout the semester, we have covered many texts that we have studied vigorously. These studies have led us to begin to not just read the content, but actually consider the author’s purpose for writing as well as meaning. With this understanding we are able to see in depth what process was used for writing as well as how to channel everyday events into a piece of literature. Although we have covered many texts, there are definitely three that stand out in my mind as prominent and have been a major part of my growing as a student; these include Fifteen, Dreams and The Writer.
The first text that was of major influence was Fifteen, with its great meaning of growing up. This story was about a boy who found a motorcycle just lying on the ground, running, and no owner in sight. The boy then imagined riding the beautiful creature through the forest terrain. He thought about how the bike would ride, sound and feel under his weight. “I thought about hills, and ...view middle of the document...

Dreams talks about how when a person gives up on their aspirations, bad things happen. Dreams are a basis of human life as well as furthering of our education and technology available. It really says that life will fall apart if a dream is just forgotten while not being replaced. “Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go life is a barren field frozen with snow.” Langston Hughes compares a life without endeavors to a lonely field that can’t grow anything because it is simply too cold. People don’t do their best work or work at all if they feel it is all for nothing. It’s a fact of human nature, there are very few people willing to do anything without a benefit for themselves. Even charity work gives people a sense of gratefulness and a good feeling in their heart. Certainly that Dreams has had an impact on my life, helping me realize that everything should be goal associated.
The last written work that changed my thoughts about life’s simple beginnings was The Writer. This story is explaining how a father is listening to his daughter write. He heard pauses for thinking and was remembering what it was like to be considered a novice in a subject. He was reminiscing the times when he had to honestly put himself out there for injury and insult before he was finally credited as a published author. “It is always a matter, my darling, of life or death, as I had forgotten. I wish what I wished you before, but harder.” He hopes that one day, his daughter will see rewards from her strife. Also that because being a beginner doesn’t mean you will never succeed but only that with practice, you will get better just as with anything in life. Hopefully, the lesson provided by Richard Wilbur will be one that will stick with me throughout the duration of my life.
All of the texts mentioned above have not only been a joy to read but ones that have a special place in my memory and my heart. I will never forget to always do the right thing no matter what my wants. I will always strive to reach my goals and if I come short, to create new ones. Finally, I will hopefully never forget my humble beginnings in any activity or undertaking thereof. Surely that these three selections have made a significant impression on my life and will forever remain with me.

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