Three Opposing Viewpoints On Abortion Essay

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Three Opposing Viewpoints on Abortion

Abortion has been an issue of heated debate in the United States for numerous years. Legislation has ruled it legal to perform an abortion on any gestational age of an embryo or fetus. Some people agree with the law and consider themselves pro-choice. Others are completely against abortion and are pro-life. In addition to these two groups is another group who support abortion in the first half of pregnancy, but believe abortion should be banned for the second half.


Those who agree with the laws on abortion are strong supporters of the woman's right to choose. Hence, they call themselves pro-choice advocates. These persons are in support of abortions no matter what the condition of the pregnancy. They believe in the woman's right to refuse to carry an embryo or fetus in her body. According to these people, a woman should be allowed to choose the best option for herself and the fetus at any time during her pregnancy.

Pro-choice advocates do not consider abortions to be murder. They view the embryo or fetus as a human tissue that is dependent upon the mother's uterus to remain alive. They believe that this tissue is not viable outside the uterus and therefore is not independent human life.

This group of people also believes that pregnant women have the right to refuse to use their bodies for the growth of something they do not want. They see unwanted pregnancies as invasions of a woman's body.


Those against abortion believe that it kills an unborn child. They consider themselves to be pro-life advocates for America's unborn children. These persons suggest that the beginning of human life is at the instant of fertilization. They see abortion as morally and ethically wrong.

Pro-choice persons view abortion as murder. They view an unborn...

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