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Three Places I Would Like To Visit In Canada!

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There are many places in Canada I would like to visit. I want to visit Ottawa in Ontario and see the Parliament of Canada. I want to visit Regina in Saskatchewan and see the RCMP, Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island to visit the Green Gables, and more. But there are three places which I would like to visit most in Canada. Those three places are Vancouver in British Columbia, Niagara Falls in Ontario, and Calgary in Alberta, and I would visit each of them for different reasons.
One place I would like to visit is Vancouver in British Columbia. One reason why I want to visit Vancouver is because of its appealing nature. In Vancouver, there are rainforests that are not only home to a variety of animals which we could see as we journey the rainforests, but also the tallest trees in Canada. The rainforest trees are over 1 m in diameter and more than 50 m high. But not only are there rainforests in Vancouver, there are also beaches and mountains which we could go spend our time on! Vancouver is home to mountains and many beaches since it's close to the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The mountains is something you don't want to miss when you go to Vancouver. You could hike to the mountains, and even climb the mountains. But most of all, you could just observe the beauty and nature of the mountains, rainforests and animals. The final reason why I want to visit Vancouver is because of its attractive city. Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada. Vancouver has lots of skyscrapers and buildings and attractions such as the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the Science world. Not only does it have large skyscrapers and neighborhoods and attractions, but like I said earlier, Vancouver is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and Mountains. You could do a lot of activities with you and your family in the beaches and mountains in Vancouver. You can do many water sports such as canoeing and fishing in the Pacific Ocean. You could hike and climb the mountains. But most of all, you could play in the sand and swim at the beaches or just even relax.
Those reasons are only some of many as to why I would name Vancouver one of my top three places I want to visit Vancouver. Another place I want to visit is Niagara Falls in Ontario. One reason why I want to visit Niagara Falls is because of the falls. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls are just extraordinary. Not only do you get to see them from far away, but if you enter "Journey Behind the Falls" or "Maid of the Mist", you also get to see the Canadian Horseshoe Falls up close. In "Journey Behind the Falls", you get to go behind the falls. You could hear the roaring noise and thunder as the Falls crash down into the body of water. In "Maid of the Mist", you get to go on a ship and go up close and personal with the Falls. You might even get hit by the splashes caused by the Falls. But it's not just the falls that I want to visit Niagara Falls. The final reason why I want to visit Niagara Falls is because of its attractions....

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