Three Primary Reasons For The Fall Of Rome World History, Middle School 7 Essay

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Andrew Kestenbaum
Oct 4th, 2017
Mrs. Brown, P6
The Fall of Rome
The largest known empire in written history was Rome. Rome was an ancient
superpower that survived for 12 centuries. Rome fell because of three primary reasons: an
unstable government, natural disasters, and laziness.
One of the primary reasons for the fall of Rome was an unstable government. Document
A shows a table of the emperors over the last fifty years before Rome fell. There were nineteen
emperors in the table, two died from natural causes, and seventeen died from assassination or
in battle.The rapidly changing emperors likely convinced the people of Rome that the
government was weak. Instability in the government caused Rome’s army to be significantly
smaller and more fearful. Document A also shows the length of each emperor’s ruling period,
which was about three years, with some not even ruling for a year. These short reigns showed
people outside of Rome the same thing it showed the people in Rome, except instead of
thinking leave now they were thinking the opposite: attack now while they are weak. This was
also seen in the Han dynasty where the emperors often changed quickly. Each emperor had
drastically different opinions and the land owned by China would often fluctuate immensely in a
matter of years.
Another primary reason for the fall of Rome was natural disasters. Natural disasters
caused great damage and death in the cities and towns in Rome. Document F states, “The
shores of the Mediterranean were left dry by the sudden retreat of the sea... but the tide soon
returned with the weight of an immense flood which was severely felt on the coasts of Sicily,
Greece, and Egypt.” This flood caused massive damage to the cities near the coast of the
Mediterranean sea; 50,000 people lost their lives in the city of Alexandria alone. Document F
also states, “The resulting diseases...

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