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Three Concepts Of Social Psychology Essay

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Essay #1 / Gender IdentitySchwartz, P., & Rutter, V. (2000), The Gender of Sexuality, The Gender Lens, (1), 32-35.The concept I have chosen to critically evaluate is gender identity, which means it is a person's self-perception of their internalized gender. In today's world this may even start to become untruth. I am a research assistant for a Professor in the Nursing Department, and my job is to put together a survey for the transgender community to evaluate their health concerns and needs. On this survey I ask "What do you believe your internal gender to be?" and some of the options are male, female, androgynous, asexual, and gender queer. It is amazing in today's society we are even going past the social construct and making newfound gender categories. In lecture we talked about how sex determines sex at the time of conception, at age 2 we label our self's as male or female, at age 5 we learn gender-appropriate behavior and stereotypes, and at age 12+ we mix and match stereotypes. In the source material I have chosen it states that social science is at the center of diversity, and continuously views the changes in human behavior. They also state that it may be far more than the truth to say, "there are as many sexualities as there are people in today's world". How true is that statement, remember I am putting together a survey particularly for this population, and by joint effort on both parties, myself and the transgender community, we have found this population already has broken the mold from the traditional male or female, and are forming their own.This area is of great interest to me personally, due to the fact I myself am a male to female transsexual. I remember at the age of 6, it was my first day of kindergarten, and IEssay #1 / Gender Identitywent home crying because they separated the boys and girls at recess and at that very moment I new I was suppose to be playing with the girls. Needless to say society and my family kept beating it into my head I was a boy. Eventually, this overwhelming internal feeling cannot be kept at bay, and you either die (which I attempted), or you transition (which I have, post-operative), and finally begin living a free life. I have chosen to reveal this to you because I believe you will respect my confidence. I am pretty stealth at school and work, mainly because of safety concerns, but this of all topics is why I chose to write an essay on this particular concept. I believe people one day will soon come to terms with the fact that just because it looks like orange, smells like an orange, feels like an orange, does not necessarily mean it is an orange.Essay #2 / Social NormsTannen, D. (1990), Women and men in Conversation, You Just Don't Understand, (2) 69.The next concept I have chosen to critique is on social norms, this is when society places rules on everyone expecting individuals to act in a particular way. There are two kinds of social norms, descriptive which indicates how everybody acts, and...

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