Three Qualities Of A Good Freindship

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What are three qualities necessary for a positive friendship? That’s a tough question, because there are so many. I sit down and thought about this question for a while before I finally come up with the three I was going to use. I picked loyalty, honest and respectful. The reasons I picked these is, if you have a friend or a so called friend that don’t have these qualities they aren’t a true friend. I have had a friend that don’t meet these qualities and that’s not a true friendship. These are just a few reasons why I picked loyalty, honesty, and respect.
First I picked loyalty. I picked loyalty for a few reasons. One reason is if you have a friend you want to be able to tell them anything. Another reason is you need to know that if you need something your friend will have your back. I also want to know if I tell my friend something they want go off and tell everybody about it. A loyal friend will always be there to make you smile. These reasons are why I picked loyalty.
Secondly I picked honesty as a quality. There are many reasons I picked honesty. I want my friends to always tell me the truth even if it might hurt a little. If your friend tells you something that hurts at least you will know before you do it again. I know I would rather my friend say that something is wrong with what I’m wearing doing or saying than somebody I don’t know. Knowing if I was dating somebody and my friend saw or heard that they were doing something wrong and my friend telling me easies my mind. I don’t know about you, but I know I want an honest friend.
Loyalty and honesty are both great qualities to have in a friendship. Having a loyal friend that will always have your back gives you an amazing feeling. Having a honest friend insures you that they want let you down. When you are really counting...

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