Three Reasons College Still Matters Esl 91 Essay

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Paul P Nguyen
April 24, 2014
ESL 91
Three Reasons College Still Matters
The main idea of the articles “Three Reasons College Still Matters” by Andrew Delbanco is college is important because of economic, opportunity, and education. Delbanco said that college is important because people who have college degrees make more money than people who only have high school diplomats. The second reason is opportunity. People who have the chance to get to colleges can have good job with fair wages and provide their own families and children with the need to survive. Lastly, college is important because of education. Delbanco refers to the term “liberal education” which means that people are able to learn multiple areas of study and use their knowledge for their own benefits in both calculated and uncalculated ways.
I think that college and higher education should be available to everyone because everyone should have the opportunities to achieve education. Also, it is discrimination if we only allow good student to achieve high education. Lastly, many talented people are not quite good students.
First of all, we should give everyone the chance to achieve education because it is fair and also reduce the rate of unemployment. It is fair that we give everyone a fair chance regardless of their knowledge because college provide students with basic skills that they need to live a better life or at least get decent jobs to take care of themselves. Furthermore, if we want to reduce the rate of unemployment, we should let everyone go college. For instance, if we only allow the top students go to college and deny the middle and the low students, we will get even more unemployed people. In fact, there are 10,486,000 people who don’t have job by March, 2014 even though we allow everyone to go to college. Can you imagine if we only let good students to go to college? We will have even more unemployed people because people who are not allowed to achieve education don’t have the basic skills to find jobs and stay unemployed. Moreover, the economic will go down if we have too much unemployed people in the country. Based on this reason, we need to let everyone achieve education regardless of their status because educated people strengthen the economic and enrich the country.
Next, everyone should be able to gain knowledge and achieve education because we are democratic. By letting only good students go to college, we create discrimination among other students. Also, we violated the 14th amendment which says that everyone should be able to do what other people can do. If we are only allowed good students to go to college and deny others who are not good, we are going back to dictatorship or...

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