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  Three Reasons That Prostitution Should Not Be Legalized In China

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   As one of the oldest jobs, prostitution has a long history to be repeatedly decriminalized and internalized by different countries. In Sumerian Records, the earliest record established in 2400 BC, prostitution had been legalized and supported by government. Same as most countries in this era, government founded brothels established in ancient China, ancient Greece, ancient Roman and so on. Codex Theodosianus established in 438 AD, legalized prostitution and at the same time, asking for taxes. Since the late 500s to 1600, countries such as Spain, France and Italy ended being tolerant towards prostitution and increased the punishment towards prostitutes and pimps. In 1617, Japan created the red-light district on the edge of the city which is today's Tokyo to gather all legal brothels together. After 1800, prostitution has been repeatedly decriminalized and criminalized in Europe, America and Japan. Nowadays, many countries, most notable as Netherland, and Germany, have legalized and regulated the sex industry, including prostitution, brothel, pimping. Countries like Canada and Brazil, legalized prostitution and kept prohibiting brothel. Sweden, has taken a different legal approach-illegalize consuming for sex while at the same time legalize prostitutes. In countries such as Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, prostitution has been strictly illegalized and punished by prison and flogging. Indeed, all sexual activity except lawful marriage for the purpose of reproduction is forbidden in these countries. Prostitution in countries such as Japan and US is illegal, but law breaker will face relatively slight punishment than the Middle East countries. So does China ("100 Countries and Their Prostitution"). In China, as the Chinese Communist Party was in power since 1949, prostitution has been strictly criminalization; prostitutes, brothels, and pimps were almost rooted out by the government. Even today, China still prevents prostitution. However, prostitution decriminalization has been mentioned nine times in the National People's Congress (NPC), one of the most important meeting in China, by the representative Chi Susheng (Shek). She claimed that prostitution legalization will protect the rights of prostitutes and this is what most developed countries such as Canada and Germany do. This topic has been debated on the internet until today. Although it is true that more and more countries in the world begin to legalize prostitution, prostitution should still not be legalized in China since it will not benefit society at all but cause many other problems. Firstly, since lots of Chinese have little consciousness about law, legalizing prostitution will expend sex industry instead of controlling it. Secondly, prostitution legalization will cause numerous problems such as human trafficking, drug using and the spread of disease. Finally, prostitution legalization will not protect woman's rights or benefit the society.
   Firstly, if...

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