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Three Research Ideas Essay

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We are given an opportunity to explore different issues involving different media platforms. Three research ideas I chose to explore involves platforms such as television and video games. The first research idea I want to investigate for my research paper is the impact of television news on society. The content of news delivered by television broadcasters can influence people’s opinions about society by its reporting methods and decisions. Research questions that I want to investigate are what effects do story choices have on the tone of a news program? Does television reviews and ratings playing a role in the presentation of the news? Does a local news channel influence individual’s opinions different from a cable news channel? Overall, these questions will help me answer why and how the news content presented by television broadcasters can influence people’s opinions.
The issue of how the content of television news programs can influence people’s opinions is important to investigate. It is important because media today has invaded our lives in many different ways. Now we have television broadcasters easily influencing the way we think about society. I want to know how the news presented and delivered by television broadcasters can influence our opinions then other news outlets. Finding out the answer to this question will help me understand how this type of medium can influence individual’s opinions.
The second research idea is the fascination Americans have over reality TV.
The strong fascination with reality television can create a negative effect on American culture because it glorifies amoral behavior. There are a series of research questions that will test my hypothesis such as what attracts Americans to watch reality television programs? What morals and values are being presented in the programs? How does each type of reality television program affect society? Lastly, what aspects of reality television influence the lifestyle of American culture?

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