Three Scenes On Domestic Violence In A Small Community.

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'IN A POSITION OF POWER'Scene1:A dual kitchen-dining room. The room is sparsely furnished with stained, threadbare and broken furniture; an old, greasy gas stove and chipped cupboards form the kitchen and the dining room consists of a low table and a few broken and mismatched chairs. The house has a few bright touches, photographs or paintings, but they are hanging crookedly from the walls and the rest of the house is a muted, dusty brown or grey.There is a young woman, Jules, standing by the stove. Offstage you can hear a door slam. Jules gasps, bumps the saucepan she has been stirring onto the floor and starts to cry. She bends down, visibly shaken, to see if some of the meal can be salvaged. Another door slams and Jules stands up, backs away from the stove and trying to support herself, leans on the table.Trevor OFFSTAGE (angrily): Where the hell are you woman? (He enters the room and sees the saucepan spilled on the floor) You think you can make me work all day and then I'll just meekly come home to no damn dinner? (He kicks the saucepan across the room)Jules (through tears, frightened): Please stop it Trevor, please...It wasn't my fault, I'll make you something else to eat, I'm sorry, just please don't hurt don't need to hurt me. (She cowers away from Trevor)Trevor (menacing, if slightly unsteady): Don't tell me what I need to do. You're hopeless woman; you need to learn to please your husband, to keep me happy!Jules (trying desperately to calm Trevor down, but she knows it won't work): Trevor, darling, you're drunk. Please, why don't you sit down, relax, and I'll get -Trevor (cutting her sentence off): Relax? How can I relax, when I have a wife like you making work for me- (Trevor advances on Jules, but he trips over a table leg. Jules runs over to help him to his feet)Jules (relieved that Trevor is no longer in the position of power, but trying not to anger him): Trevor? Are you hurt?Trevor (shrugs off her help and gets haphazardly to his feet, angry): I'm fine, no thanks to you. (Trevor's anger rises, he tries to regain his power over Jules) You planned that, you little tramp. You're the one who will be hurting after I'm done with you!Trevor violently grabs Jules' arm, wrenching and twisting it painfully, he pulls her towards him and stares grinning into her face, he feels he has won.Jules (trying desperately to calm Trevor down, she tries to reason with him, Jules' voice is low and soothing but she trembles): What is it? Please Trev, darling, calm down Trevor, what are you going to do...Trevor (enjoying his power over Jules and making the most of it. Trevor's voice starts off low and menacing and ends in a shout on 'again'): I'm going to teach you not to disappoint me ever again!Trevor pushes Jules up against the wall. He pulls his arm back and slaps Jules in the face repeatedly. He throws her over to the stove, Jules bangs her head against a cupboard and falls limply to the floor, with heaving sobs, she cries into the...

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3029 words - 12 pages prevention has identified interpersonal violence as a major public health problem (Velson-Friedrich, 1994).Current estimates suggest that three to four million women are the victims of physical abuse by their intimate partners (Harris & Cook, 1994). According to the FBI, some form of domestic violence occurs in half of the homes in the United States at least once a year (Dickstein, 1988). In reality one out of every six marriages the wife is

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1078 words - 5 pages also experienced child abuse firsthand. In another study by Amy Chanmugan (2011) there were 15.5 million children from ages 0-17 living in a household where a parent is a victim of domestic violence at least once a year. Since there are so many women victimized by domestic violence it leads to millions of children being exposed to domestic violence as well. Domestic violence has various lasting negative impacts on children. Research by Levendosky

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1803 words - 7 pages feels that it is their public dutyto deceive us into believing that this problem is an 'epidemic' (Domestic V.) we feel that,that is the case. Webster's dictionary defines epidemic as 'a rapid spreading of a disease;to many people at the same time', this is not the case with domestic violence, one it didn'tjust happen overnight, it has just been popularized overnight, domestic violence has beengoing on from as far back as anyone can remember and

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1246 words - 5 pages , such as his wife asking why he was late home for dinner. They argued that marriage legitimates violence against women by conferring power and authority on husbands and dependency on wives. Official statistics on domestic violence actually understate the true extent of the problem this is for two main reasons. Firstly many victims maybe unwilling to report the incident to the police, In 1997 Stephanie Yearnshire

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488 words - 2 pages Each day, the statistics on domestic violence get more and more horrifying. A woman is beaten every 15 seconds, 22 to 35 percent of emergency room visits from women are because of ongoing partner abuse, 1 in 4 pregnant women have a history of partner violence, and 63 percent of young men between the ages of 11 and 20 are in jail for murdering their mothers abuser. Also domestic violence is the leading cause of injuries to women between 15

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1398 words - 6 pages and talk her into going back to him. Once he got her back with him he moved off to a complete different location and did not allow her to contact anyone so there was many months we did not even know where our daughter was or if she was alive. I feel that the law should include in a restraining order that the abuser and victim should have no contact with each other what so ever. It was stated in the “Domestic Violence, Law Enforcement, and Court

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1230 words - 5 pages "As soon as we moved into this house, you think you can have your way. You are my wife and I tell you what you can do and what you can't do." This kind of statement is typical of what a battered woman knows to be the only truth in her household. Domestic violence is greatly on the rise and is one of the leading causes of homelessness among women in today's society. Rather than approach domestic violence as a direct cause of homelessness

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5819 words - 23 pages , after a brutal domestic abuse homicide, the Duluth, Minnesota Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DAIP) found a community willing to experiment with new practices to confront the problem of men's violence against women (Pence & Paymar, 1993).In 1984, based on group interviews with women attending educational classes offered by the DAIP, a framework was developed for describing the behavior of men who physically and emotionally abuse their

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1381 words - 6 pages he took Banquo to be the biggest potential threat to his crown.Moreover, the three witches had prophesized that Banquo's sons would be kings. Now that he is a King, Macbeth isn't satisfied with it. Here we can see over-ambition or unchecked ambition because his desires always exceed the achievements and hence are unattainable. His descendants won't get to be kings despite all that he did to gain the crown. He feels betrayed. He says in a bitter

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1733 words - 7 pages to three years, or be permanent. Also, the victim does not need to get a divorce in order to place a restraining order. (Harding and Associates 1). There have been many laws that have been passed to help with the domestic violence problems across our history, but it is not until recent that victims can be protected. Many women continue to stay in their cycle abuse due to their lack of education on laws that protects them. Women need to be aware

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747 words - 3 pages The first scene of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' is one of the three most important scenes in the play as it establishes what the play will be about. The scene tells us a lot about the story, and the information is vital for the audience to understand the story shown in the play. This information includes Theseus and Hippolyta's love, the Athenian law, Demetrius and Lysander and what Egeus thinks of them, Hermia and Lysander's love, and Helena's

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863 words - 3 pages -boyfriend can also be considered a case of domestic violence. Domestic violence may be the cause of a fatal shooting or it could just simply be a man telling his wife that she is worthless, while he orders her around using profanity on a consistent basis.      My first article was a domestic violence case in Cleveland, Ohio that occurred on February 10, of this year. Mother Found Stabbed To Death In Closet. Her husband

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680 words - 3 pages surprise to many, but if we as a country begin at an early age with domestic abuse education, we can raise awareness and lower acceptance of these forms of cruel and harmful behavior. Whether it be calling names, or pushing someone, it is considered abuse: a crime in our country. There are so many types of abuse, yet not many people are aware of them "“ even as it goes on in their own home. This is a huge reason why domestic violence occurs so often in our society. Children are willing to listen, we just have to give them something to listen to. We must make an effort to cease domestic abuse, for the sake of our society.

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1877 words - 8 pages research and support that women do abuse men but that is a very small number. The male gender is primarily seen as tough and muscular creatures that protect their women and children. "When your father comes home he is going to ground you," Is the most infamous line that mothers use when a child misbehaves. In our society we expect men to protect our family.Men are brought up playing with action figures that inflict violence. On the other hand, women are

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3039 words - 12 pages every community, a comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and accessible intervention system for family violence that links health, justice, mental health, social service, and educational systems (Stanley, 1994). In addition, the American Medical Association (AMA) published guidelines for Health care professionals to use in identifying domestic violence victims. Violent families are easy to describe but difficult to explain. Research on family abuse