Three Skeleton Key Essay

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The sea rats came closer and closer by the second. My heart was pounding really hard and I had butterflies in my stomach! I was running out of ideas to get out of the lantern room and looked around helplessly and my eyes grew wide when I saw the one opportunity and hope in our lives.
“Ship ahoy?!” cried out Le Gleo and Itchoua when they saw it.

There it was; a large shining blue ship carrying loads and loads of cargo and supplies full with smiling sailors whose smiles turned into frowns as they saw our situation. I jumped up and down with delight but I realized that first our lighthouse men had to get out of this sea rat mess before getting on the boat. Le Gleo suddenly came up with an idea.

He said, “Why don’t we poison the rats? I think I might have some bottles of rat killer poison in this old rusty belt of mine.”

I was stunned and every muscle in my body loosened at the thought of escape. Well, not until I noticed what he Le Gleo really had.

“Seriously? Why, why, why, God? What did I do wrong in life?” I asked aloud.

Le Gleo actually found a candy package labeled: Poison For Your Mouth, Just Kidding! This is not what I had expected from my most experienced adviser. I was losing hope but just then my other colleague's eyes lit up.
Itchoua exclaimed, “ I think I just found our Plan B guys. I brought a satellite radio with me as I always do just in case so we can use it to communicate with the ships around us. The ship that just came didn’t see us but we see them. Let’s SOS this supply ship that we are stuck inside the tower with sea rats.”

“Perfect plan,” I responded.

Itchoua brought out the old ( about one hundred years old) device and started typing in the Morse code dots and dashes and slowly spelled out SOS to the ship. All of us others peered outside and saw a captain’s eyes...

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