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Le Gleo, Itchoua, and I backed up against the wall. I turned my head to look at the ghastly horror written on the faces of my mates. I tentatively stepped forward going towards the door where the rats were gnawing away on the glass. We didn’t have much time.
“ Mate! What do you think you’re doing?” Le Gleo yelled pressing against the wall.
I turned around and let out a sigh. I trudged back to the wall pressing my back against the wall staring into the eyes of the swarm of sea rats gnawing against the glass.
“ What shall we do?” Itchoua stammered.
No one replied. My fingers brushed against the wall. When I turned around, I was staring at a small star-shaped key chain. It’s gold edges gleamed in the dim light in the cellar. It’s center was hollow just like it was meant to fit into something.
“ Hold on. I think I found something” I shouted.
Le Gleo and Itchoua turned towards me. I took the keychain of the hook in the wall and held it up.
“ It cannot be!” Le Gleo exclaimed. “ Is that the lost keychain of Atlantis? Oh indeed it is!”
“ What?” Itchoua exclaimed.
“ The lost keychain of Atlantis is a keychain that was created by the famous captain Nemo at the time of Atlantis. It was used to unlock a chamber which held the Nautilus.”
“Great! Let’s go!” Itchoua shouted jumping up and down.
I shook my head and started to walk around trying to find some sort of lock that I could fit the keychain in. I walked till I reached a shelf full of old relics. When I moved some of the old fishing nets away I noticed a small hole in the wall covered in cobwebs.
“ It’s not that simple mate. You need to find a location where to put this keychain. According to legend, the riddle is on the back of the keychain so…” Le Gleo said turning the keychain over.
He was right. There was a riddle but it was in Greek.
βρείτε την είσοδο στο μαγευτικό κόσμο
όπου η ραγδαία αύξηση υποβρύχιο πουλί που πραγματοποιήθηκε
με τη λήψη μια ματιά στο τι συμβαίνει...

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