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Three Rivers Electric Cooperative - 75 Years of Service to the CommunitySince 1939, Three Rivers Electric Cooperative has been providing Mid-Missouri with not only electricity, but programs offered to the community through the cooperative. Prior to 1939, many areas of Missouri already had electricity; however, the current Three Rivers Electric Cooperative area did not. This is when 12 men concluded that they would incorporate an electric cooperative. Since then, the cooperative has been active in the community. Three Rivers Electric Cooperative shows concern for the community by providing its members with youth programs, safety programs, and energy efficiency programs.Three Rivers Electric Cooperative has several programs available for the youth in its service area. The Gilbert G. Hilkemeyer Scholarship Program is a $1,000 scholarship for a senior whose parents or guardians are members of Three Rivers Electric Cooperative. "The scholarship is based on financial need, grade point average and community service…" ("Scholarship"). Three Rivers Electric Cooperative also offers leadership experiences, such as CYCLE & the Rural Electric Youth Tour. Students write an essay on a selected topic and submit the essay to Three Rivers Electric Cooperative, and after an oral presentation the top six are selected for an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. Then, twelve students are selected to participate in the Cooperative Youth Conference Leadership Experience in Jefferson City with students from all over Missouri ("Youth Tour Essay Contest"). While electricity is a very important component in our lives, it must also be respected. "Three Rivers Electric Cooperative knows the importance of educating children and adults about the dangers of electricity" ("Safety Awareness"). Three Rivers Electric Cooperative has an on hand education specialist from Central Electric Power Cooperative (C.E.P.C.) to present safety programs to school and community members in Three Rivers' servicing area. Three Rivers also participates in the...

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