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Three Strikes And Youre Out Law

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Three Strikes You're Out Law

We have all heard of the newest anti-crime law, the "Three strikes
and you’re out" law. It wasn’t easy getting this law from the bill stage
in Sacramento to the law stage, because it is not a criminal friendly
law. Meaning that this law’s purpose is to bring pain, suffering, and
intimidation to criminals. Our state government was basically ran by
the Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, now mayor of San Francisco.
Brown had the power to choose who sat on what committee in the
house, and using this he could terminate any bill he did not agree
with. And with this attitude it took a lot of patients and perseverance
by the people trying to pass this bill. But how did the bill become a
bill? I will answer this question with help of the Kimber Reynolds

Monday, June 29, 1992 in Fresno, California a young woman was
brutally murdered outside The Daily Planet, a restaurant patronized by
the local young people. The girl was visiting home for the summer
after being in the Los Angeles area attending school. Her and a friend
were getting into their car when two guys on a motorcycle rode up
next to Kimber Reynolds blocking her in, taking her purse, and beating
her into submission. The story made the 11 o’clock news only minutes
after her father had gone to bed. When police ran a background check
on the two suspected men, Joeseph Micheal Davis and Douglas
Walker, both men had recently been released on parole with multiple
offenses on their records. Unfortunately Davis was never brought in
because when police were attempting to arrest him he began firing,
wounding unsuspecting police officers and ultimately being killed.
Douglas Walker was convicted of accessory to murder.

Mike Reynolds, Kimber’s father, went on the radio on a local radio
show called the Ray Appleton Show, KMJ 580. There he would discuss
his outrage about how he was sick of repeat offenders being locked up
only to be released after a fraction of the sentence was completed. He
swore to the people listening that he was going to do something
about the problem, even if it takes him forever. Listening to that show
was Fresno Assemblyman Bill Jones (R). He was interested in the
issue and arranged a meeting with Mike. They discussed ideas about
how they could solve this problem.

With that in mind Mike used some connections and gathered one
superior, one appellate, and one municipal court judge, as well as a
well-known local defense attorney, a representative from the Fresno
Police Department, an expert in juvenile justice and Ray Appleton.
The men did some research and drew up some ideas. Their final
legislative proposal was as follows:
Double the sentence for a conviction of any felony if there is a previous
serious or violent felony conviction.
Triple the sentence or twenty-five years to life, whichever is greater, for
any combination of two prior violent or serious felony convictions
coupled with any new...

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