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Three Study Techniques You Will Use For An Examinination

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An effective use of revision techniques will help me to pass my biology examination. I use revision charts, note taking from the text book, practicing questions, highlighter pens and also stick notes around the room to ensure information stays on the mind. I apply these techniques base on the topic I am studying. For instance, when I am studying the human digestive system, it requires detailed knowledge on its associated organs and enzymes so I will use note taken from personal studies on the system. I will post labelled diagrams on all the various digestive organs and its functions around my study room to help me to remember the knowledge I have acquired through my comprehensive reading.
The contructivist views of learning suggests that in order to learn effectively and remember all that one has learned to pass an examination, it is best for one to make something of his/her own (Biggs 2003). It is important for me to write a short personal note when I am learning because it helps me during my revision. I re-write my notes, summarize texts from books and also highlight important points in my notes and these are effective means to have knowledge on the subject. Whenever I summarize a section in a textbook, it becomes easy for me to read and remember since the textual content are written in my own words. I will arrange my notes in a way that make sense to me and easy to remember. When I acquire knowledge on the subject matter I will ask someone to ask me questions around the subject matter to reinforce my learning.
Researchers led by John Dunlosky (et al. 2013) from Kent State University took a critical look at the 10 most common learning techniques available to students and checked the effect in enabling student to pass examination.
Prof Dunlovsky says: "To our surprise it turns out that writing summaries alone doesn't help at all but "Students who can test themselves or try to retrieve material from their memory are going to learn better in the long run. ( UK / news/ health accessed 25th December2013)
This show that Practicing questions online around the topic...

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