Three Styles Of Learning Essay

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Three Styles of Learning

If a survey was being done on how people learn one would immediately notice that no two answers would be the same. People from all walks of life and culture would answer that they learn better a certain way. The way a person learns is something that is different for every individual. I, myself, learn in a couple of different ways depending on the situation and what the learning experience calls for. The three styles of learning that I will examine and give my perspective on are online resources, learning teams, and problem based learning. These three type of learning techniques or strategies can teach to optimize the learning ability.

There are many different resources to use in learning when trying to achieve the most out of your education. The tools provide by the institution that you attend along with knowledge base resources will provide you with most that is needed for any project. The University of Phoenix, along with its’ instructors have put together an outstanding set of learning resource tools. The resources I will give my personal perspective on are the value of having rEsourceSM available to you throughout the program, the value of learning teams, and the value of problem-based learning.

The Value of rEsource
The value that rEsources will have on my studies throughout my MBA curriculum will be exceptional. I know that to have these resources available to me online is state of the art and will make it that much easier for me to succeed in my studies. The amount of assistance that is offered through the center for writing excellence, the university library, the learning team tool-kit, required writing manuals, and e-book collections is superior. The center for writing excellence will provide me with correcting grammar, usage, proof reading, review, tutorials and guides to assist me in assuring that I am writing and submitting the best paper possible. the university library will be most helpful and definitely a time saver by placing, books, periodicals, ask the librarian, and even journals at my disposal. Not only will it give me assess to thousands of pieces of material but I won’t have a need to leave my home or office. The university library feature is as authentic as being in an actual library. The learning team tool-kit teaches me in a whole to work together to accomplish a single goal, to do this efficiently and effectively, to work and achieve in spite of obstacles. The required writing manuals offer a simple but very much needed grammar, style, formatting, and reference development that is important to every paper that will be written. The e-book collections this is the most powerful tool that will be utilized by University of Phoenix students. The assortment encloses hundreds of titles covering numerous distinctive disciplines. The facts that all these resources...

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