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Three Things I Will Hate To Lose

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I'm not usually an attached person when it comes to material things. All my life I've been moving in so many directions. I never had a steady home, so I lost a lot of things, sometimes not even realizing they're gone until months later. There are few objects that I really care about because they bring back memories and they make me happy. There are amazing things behind them. These objects tell stories and help identify who I am.
The first thing I'd hate to lose is my jar of paper butterflies. About 5 years ago, I was sitting at my computer checking emails and listening to one of my favorite bands; Coldplay. I got the urge to google them, and consequently found that they were about to start touring in the United States. I immediately checked for a date in New Jersey, where I lived, but there wasn't one. I then found a date in Washington DC, which was only four hours away, so I bought a ticket for the concert and the adventure began! It was hard to believe that I was going to get to see the band that has inspired me since I was living in Colombia. It was my first time in Washington DC and I was alone, so I was both scared and excited. On the day of the concert, I arrived at the terminal in DC early, and went to the cafeteria to grab some food. As I was eating, I began to hear some reggae music. I followed the beat of the music and I found the source, which was the Jamaican festival! The crew was beautiful. There were tons of colors, lots of food, and drums everywhere. After three hours of fun at the festival, I finally left to go to the concert. I was ecstatic. I sang so much that I lost my voice. At the end of the concert, the lights went off and from the top of the ceiling fell tons of multi-colored, glowing butterflies. I collected some in a plastic bag and put them in a jar when I got back to New Jersey. Every time I look at the jar, I remember this amazing experience.

The second thing I'd hate to lose is my blue necklace. After my first visit to Washington DC, I fell in love with the city and I couldn't wait to return. At home, I was a bartender in a cuban restaurant. The customers and the restaurant were really fun, and I met cool people all the time. One night I was working downstairs in the restaurant area, and I met Daniel. Daniel was tall with a beautiful smile. It was a busy night, and he sat at the table in front of me and ordered some food. Before leaving the restaurant, he asked me for my email address. He wrote me a few days later to tell me that he lived in New York, and he was only in New Jersey to visit his grandpa. He also mentioned that he was...

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