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Three Toed Sloth Essay

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The Brazilian three-toed sloth is a creature that is on the edge of becoming extinct. The Brazilian three-toed sloth is in the Mammalia class, an Endentata, its family is the Bradypodidae, its genus is Bradypus, and its species is the Bradypus variegatus. The Brazilian three-toed sloth is a slow moving creature due to its speed it has become an endangered species because predators can get to them easily. The sloth is the slowest moving mammal in the world. ( Even though the sloth is incredibly slow moving it is surprisingly not a very big mammal. The sloth is only around two feet tall, which is about 420 to 800 millimeters tall. ( It also weighs only around 3.6 to 4.2 kilograms. ( This is more than the normal three-toed sloth is which weigh usually quiet a bit less. The tail of the sloth is about 1 to 3 inches long. ( The Brazilian three-toed sloth has a brownish fur, which it uses to try and camouflage itself. Also, to try and help camouflage itself the sloth has lots of green algae on it so it blends better with the leaves in the trees. ( Due to the great camouflage on the sloth and its lack of movement the sloth becomes basically a living habitat for many insects in the rain forest. Insects such as beetles live in the fur of the sloth and feed off its algae. There is no real clue to how many of these poor creatures are still remaining due to it being so hard to count them. It is so hard to find them because they live in the Brazilian rain forest, which is a very large area that is very condensed with many different organisms. The sloth has many problems due to its speed. The slowness of the sloth causes it to be easily hunted by its predators. The sloth's predators consist of the jaguar, ocelot, and anacondas. ( The jaguar and the ocelot are both very quick animals which is why the sloth doesn't try to get away instead when the sloth feels it needs to defend itself the sloth will become physical and begin to fight it's predator off it. The Brazilian three-toed sloth is also declining in population do due deforestation in its habitat. The Brazilian...

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