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Three Different Types Of Teaching Styles

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Three Different Types of Teaching Styles

I am going to be looking at three different types of teaching styles .
These are the Command ,Reciprocal and Discovery/problem solving
approach. These styles of teaching are used in different circumstances
i.e. the age or ability of the group or the type or complexity of the
skill and the environment (weather, training surface etc). The type of
teaching method the teacher/coach uses depends on these factors and on
what skill aspect of the sport they are teaching. Also choice will
depend on the personality of both teacher and learner .

I will be examining each of these styles in order to show how they
differ between sports.

The command style of teaching allows the teacher or coach to explain
how to do the skills properly with the right technique. As the name of
the style suggests, the teacher/coach gives clear instructions and the
pupils are given no freedom to make decisions for them selves. This
approach relies on a connection which the pupil makes between the
command (stimulus) and response action. A good example of this would
be a teacher showing pupils how to do a pass in football and telling
them to go off and practice between pairs. This approach is ideal for
beginners in a large group such as a football team as it allows a lot
of information to be passed on quickly and safely. Its weakness is
that the learners may become de-motivated very quickly as they have
no personal responsibility for their own learning. This technique of
teaching can also be used in sports like sprint start positions or
basic serves in tennis.

The Reciprocal style allows the learner to become more involved as
here the teacher/coach outlines a task and gives coaching points to
highlight particular areas and common faults. This approach allows the
coach and learners’ to give individual feed back which can speed up
the learning process and avoid boredom. The difficulty is quality of
feed back from the learners which maybe incorrect or unhelpful.
Sports/skills that would be good to be taught in this style would be:
netball ( the running pass) ;triple jump this is because it is easier
to know if you are travelling or doing it wrong if someone is watching

The Discovery and problem solving approach is where the teacher sets
the task and the learners go and discover their own solutions...

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