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Three Views Of Cultural Characteristics Essay

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My culture’s view of treating elders starts with the young people, such as children, providing the elders proper respect. The way for this to take place is by either obeying what the elder says or does or showing respectful manners towards them. Another way that the African American culture views this aspect is when the elders focus on having accomplishments towards their health/strengths, their faith, and/or resourcefulness. When this takes place, it would be the young people jobs to make sure that they help the elders by providing support for the certain conditions that the elders have to face. Now if the elder is not a relative, the young people would still show respect by giving the ...view middle of the document...

Studies show that nearly one in four American families are taking care of an elderly relative or friend, doing everything from changing diapers to shopping for groceries. With the ranks of those who are known as ‘the old old’ growing ever larger, and the federal government considered unlikely to provide help in the form of a comprehensive long-term care program any time soon, more and more families are expected to find themselves taking care of elderly relatives.”(Tradition of Care for the Elderly Thrives in Black Families). My own personal experience with African American elderly people is no different from the points that were being made. I would prefer to help an elderly than see that elderly do something by his or her self. Even if it was an elderly family member, I would want to help by any means necessary.
From a cultural perspective, the African American elderly mostly rely on family reunions, which can be one the most important rituals that would give the elderly the need for survival and endurance towards their African American families. They usually make this happen by maintaining cultural tradition within the uncertain and stormy times. In the African American culture, tradition is the key to avoid collectivism so they can have the capability to survive through the tough days. “It is clear that more and more African Americans are living longer and are in better health. It is imperative that health care administrators develop and plan culturally sensitive health care services for older African Americans from various social and cultural backgrounds” (Bailey). So in other words, the communities should find many ways to convince the African American...

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