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Every story has to have some form of conflict, without conflict a story really wouldn’t be much of a story at all. Generally the conflict of a story comes from a villainous person. Just because they are call a villain doesn’t mean they have to be some who has super powers and uses them for evil. A villain is the antagonist, or the person who cause the conflict in the story. Usually the villain is looking for some personal gain of some sort. Othello, MIdsummer Nights Dream, and Hamlet all have villains who have some similarities and some differences.
First of all, In Midsummer Nights Dream, there are essentially two antagonist which is different from Othello, but similar to Hamlet. ...view middle of the document...

This simple statement shows that Hamlet wants to kill himself and that is the greatest battle someone can fight with himself. No other villain in any of the books is the hero who is at war with himself/herself. The villain in the other books however can be one of the main characters like in Hamlet. As said by Sam Crow, “Many view the true main character of a story to be the loser of the story or the villain. This is because the villain is the start of every story.” It actually is normal for the villain to be a main character and in Othello Iago is almost a bigger character than Othello. In fact in all three stories the villain is also a main character. They are not all the star of the story however, only Hamlet has that title. Yet they are still main characters because they all play a central role in their respective stories.
Finally, Iago from Othello uses his talents to his advantage, just as the other villains do. Iago has a way with words and he uses his words to convince others to do his dirty deeds. This is a common trait for villains, the ability to use words, and it is seen in all three of these books. In Hamlet for example, Hamlet uses his words to convince others that he is totally mad. In MND, Egeus uses his words to...

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