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Thresh And Rue Personality Essay

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Most of the characters in The Hunger Games have strong personalities and unique individual traits; therefore I can strongly relate to Rue and Thresh. Reasons why I think Thresh are strongly related to me because he always isolated to other during the hunger game to survive and also have shows forgiveness to one that helped him before. For Rue’s reason why she is related to me is because she is fast and shy to people he don’t know.
One reason why I think I am most related to Thresh in The Hunger Games is because of his isolation between all the other contester. Since the beginning of the book, they did not talk much about Thresh and all we know about him is that he is huge and has dark skin. Even long after the game has started, we still did not know much about Thresh. It was not until the end of the game where he showed up to get his backpack, so he can have more supplies because when the game started most of the people is either dead, with someone, or in group. For example, Katniss and Rue are one team, and all other career tributes in one group. At that time, if you are not in a group or have a team mate, you most likely will be dead. Unlike the others, Thresh he manages to stay alive by himself and get a lot of food for himself. This shows that he is very isolated to everyone else while everyone is with someone in some point of the game. His isolation is similar to mine; even through I’m not as big as him and as skillful as him that isolation I can relate to. For example when I moved to Rosemead, I left behind all of my middle school friends and some of them were my very few best friends since I moved to America. After I moved to this new city, I thought I can make a lot of good new friends in this new school, but I was wrong because I was completely isolated at the first year of high school. I don’t fit in much with the people of Rosemead. At first, I tried to fit into a group of kids with similar interests, like playing basketball and play online games. I had some good conversations with them, but then some of the kids started to make fun of my Asian name just because they cannot pronounce it that well even if some of them speak Chinese. After a while, everyone in that group started to make fun of my name, and I really hated it. I tried so much to make them stop, but it never work. After that I stopped spending time with that group of kids and spent most of my time in the library. Even though I did have a few good moments with that group, I did not fit in and still felt isolated because of our differences. I spent the rest of my freshman year alone and never joined any extracurricular activities for school. I stayed isolated to not feel the pain of being bullied like Thresh stayed isolated to survive during the Hunger Games.
Another reason why I think I have similarity with Rue is because of our quickness. The book describes Rue as a quick, clever, little girl with dark skin, who knows a lot about herbs that have medicine value. Part of...

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