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The term third world is used to describe several countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These countries are characterized by their low per capita incomes, limited industries developments, and high rates of illiteracy levels (Chandra, 1992). Furthermore, most of these countries have unstable political structures, short life expectancies, and lower degree social mobility. There are 120 countries in the world that are classified as third world countries; these countries share the history of unequal encounters with the developed world. This paper will discuss the opportunities and constraints that these third world countries encounter in the global system in the perspective of their development.
Many third world countries have continued to face numerous challenges, however though; majorities of these countries have embarked on transforming their economies in liaison with their developed counterparts. Moreover, they have embraced various industrial and agricultural activities thus enhancing their share in the global system. On the other hand, most of these countries have also committed much of their efforts in transforming or changing their rural based agricultural activities to modern based industrial entities (Bulmer and Warwick, 1993). These developments have enabled some of the third world countries to achieve substantial achievement in the aspects of industrialization. Economical experts argue that many third world countries are embracing industrialization because of the tangible benefits that developed countries have continued to reap because of being industrialized. Furthermore, all third countries have realized that industrialization is inextricably linked to economic advancement (Bulmer and Warwick, 1993).
The relationship that arises between industrialization and development has also led to many third world countries embarking in strengthening their political friendship with their developed counterparts (Thompson, 2003). However, despite the fact that many of these countries have worked hard to enhance their industrial developments, they have been faced with numerous political and economical constraints (Thompson, 2003). For instance, a majority of these countries depend more on agricultural products, due to this fact, many of them have not been able to fit in the global system because of the price fluctuation on agricultural products. Besides these fluctuations, agricultural products prices have not been able to keep pace with manufactured goods prices, which these countries import. Due to this fact, the terms of trade between third world countries and developed countries in the global system have greatly deteriorated. Furthermore, as prices on non-agricultural products increase, many of the third world countries experience low prices and demand on their agricultural products, thus contributing to trade imbalance (Tom, 1979). Moreover, because of the change of lifestyle, many agricultural products are less consumed. For...

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