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Huge Dows Is an Idiot It was Friday afternoon, July 12th, summer's heat had slowly beaten us into a dull boredom that had lasted for days on end. This day would soon turn into a day that I would never be able to forget. Alex Reaves, good fishing bud, and myself could not think of anything to do. Alex had been growing his own for some time know and as a result of this we had become quite the burn-outs. We had been smoking all daylong and by this point, our mouths were dry, eye's bloodshot, and head in the clouds. We had been playing Tony Hawk all afternoon, and I was quite sick of it. This seemed like most of my summer days. My pale green living room couch had slowly grown around me, and started devouring my sluggish body. I flicked off the PS2 and started surfing the channels. I stopped when I found some 20/20 documentary on thrill killings. Huge Dows was drowning on and on about how this is an epidemic. By the way, I think Huge Dows quit the idiot. He and Barbara Walters are so overdramatic, they make the smallest problems seem like the end of the world, but I quest that's another story. Today they were talking about how these two kids ordered pizza to some house in the middle of know where and killed the delivery guy. "hey X"¦" I call Alex "˜X"˜ because ever since we were kids I could not say the first part of his name. "Yeah?" he said inquisitively. "I got an idea." A crazy smile came over his long scrawny face, and right then I knew that he was thinking the same thing I was. We unleashed ourselves from the living room and made our way to the kitchen. I grabbed a large stainless steal cutlery knife that my mom and I used to use for carving jack-o-lanterns. Our bodies were starting to move quicker as we devised our plan. He grabbed a sky-blue flannel sheet and we bolted for the car. A heat wave hit our faces as we opened the doors of my 93 Ford escort wagon. Yeah your jealous, don't hide it. It was only a 25 minute drive into Burlington, but with our hearts racing and my foot pressed to the pedal it would be a quick 15. The sun was laughing at us in the sky, mocking my every high speed turn. Exit 14 west seemed to be beckoning us as we speed up the off ramp and made our was to the water front. We parked at the Radisson and jaunted down through the over grown shrubbery, witch tripped our frantic feet. We made our way toward the waterfront. We stopped to catch our breath, and think. "Are we nuts?" X panted"¦ "Hells' yeah" I exclaimed. After casually walking down the bike path for a couple hundred yards we spotted them, the abandon box cars were all the bums sleep. We poked out heads in and out of a couple of them until we found what we were searching for. I entered the car, and the smell slapped us both across the face. Piss and whisky is not a pleasant aroma in a small confined area. Come to think about it, piss and whisky isn't a pleasant aroma...

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568 words - 2 pages into games, and sports and ways of death.When talking about sports between the U.S and Rome boxing is a common talked about sport, when regarding similarities in current times as well as the Roman time period. The concept of the game is in the background of every variation played. The thrill and joy of a knockout is every fans hoops when they fill the arena. There was one variation of boxing that involved using a fist wrapped to kill. Roman sports

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1556 words - 6 pages killers will have control over the crime scene and have specific victims (Interviewing Serial Killers, n.d.). Lust killers gain sexual gratification through cannibalism, necrophilia, and dismemberment (Taylor et al., 2012). These killers are rare. They will have control over the crime scene, there is evidence of torture, there is a specific victim, and the weapon of torture will be left (Interviewing Serial Killers, n.d.). Thrill killers kill for

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1200 words - 5 pages are lust killers, thrill killers and gain killers. Lust killers kill for sexual pleasure. They are usually sexually underdeveloped and they kill for sexual gratification. Thrill killers kill people because it brings them a rush. These types of hedonists usually kill a lot more because they are addicted to this rush. Gain killers always kill people for some type of gain. This is usually money but it can also be something like a job

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1009 words - 4 pages from state to state seeking out new victims and others may just stay put in their society ridding of any victims by burying them in their back yards.What motivates these people to kill so much? Most people think it would be for love or money or even revenge but it usually isn´t any of these things. Serial killers will kill for the fun of it, basking in the pleasure of hearing their victim scream and shout. Another form of enjoyment is when the

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1489 words - 6 pages that time till he was found he killed two more girls. But, what if not all serial killers started of young or caused by parents or mental issues. Maybe the serial killers get a thrill of killing a person like Andrei Chikatilo also known as the “Red Ripper” would soon kill his victim to get a thrill that is something that I wouldn’t like to write out due to the details. He later tried to turn himself in admit to the crimes if he was able to take an

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1303 words - 5 pages next work. The next is his poem called “On center.stadium.status.” where he talks bout the effects of the new Barclays Center that was built in Brooklyn. “Dig a grave & build on top digagrave & build On top Emptyempty FILL UP!! Dig a grave & thrill on Top digagrave & kill on Top On center. STADIUM.STATUS. stadium. Status.”. I think with those lines he was talking bout the stadium was built and the effects of it. When he says “dig a grave & build on

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2063 words - 8 pages . Classification of a Male Serial Killer Classification of male serial killers may fall into one or more of the following categories: Visionaries, Hedontist, Lust Killers, Thrill Killers, Gain Killers and Power Seekers. Visionaries – Act in responds to the voices within, the killers usually suffer from schizophrenia. Hedontist – Kill because they get pleasure out of it. Lust Killers – Kill because they get aroused (sexually) from it. Thrill

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This paper is about the differences and similarities between serial killers and murderers.

1123 words - 4 pages of pleasure forces him to select other victims.Thrill killers are similar to lust killers in that the actual torture and murder of the victim itself is the key motive. Thrill killers may sexually abuse their victims, but this is not common. It is the act of murder itself, the death of the victim that provides the thrill.Gain killers, the last type of Hedonist killers, kill in order to achieve another type of goal, that of financial reward. Most

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1492 words - 6 pages : lust, thrill, and comfort. Lust Killers are motivated by sexual gratification through the use of cannibalism, necrophilia and dismemberment and additionally by violence and torture. Thrill Killers, are process focused and attain gratification from the progression of the kill. The thrill alone is what motivates them, otherwise the crime scene would be similar for lust and thrill killers. The odd person out are those that are Comfort Serial Killers

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