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Thriving In Diversity Essay

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Thriving in the Face of Diversity
As women jockey to find their way in a male dominated world, they call upon a number of internal propagated characteristics. Obviously, it is not enough to just meet the status quo, but to overcome hurdles they never conceived possible. When comparing Hilliary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi and Condoleezza Rice, there is one characteristic prevalent in each candidate. As is illustrated in the following, the one distinguishing factor tying each of these successful women together is the fact that they strive and prevail even in the face of diversity or challenge.
Women in Roles of Strategic Importance
Historically, women have been stifled and even ...view middle of the document...

Often times, she was referred to as the female in a pantsuit “that covered her ankles” (Carlin & Winfrey, 2009, p. 330). Meaning, that she was seen as a man dressed in women clothing and often times threw her weight around in the same manner.
Even more, Hillary was always viewed as persevering and a never quitting essence in the ever powerful male dominated world. According Carlin and Winfrey (2009) “Clinton was the woman who simply wouldn’t go away” (p. 331). Ms. Clinton permeates the essences of power and prevalence no matter what the situation, which made her appear powerful and unswaying to the American people.
Sarah Palin
In reality, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have been compared in a number of different capacities. They are both strong and willful women, who have been extremely successful in an overwhelming male predominate world of politics. Likewise, Palin has overcome large negative marks on her political and personal lives which range from family issues to allegations of political corruption. Yet, she still remains viable in the female political realm.
Yet, Palin has remained in the forefront of political options due to her strong convictions and ever present political immersion. The media portrays her as the vigilant “youthful and good-looking candidate” (Lind, 2009, p. 514). At the same time, there is an ongoing portrait ion of women in an unbecoming light to the rest of the world. Palin’ media coverage represented her as an air headed homecoming queen with a lack of communicating on a national level (Carlin & Winfrey, 2009). In reality, Palin fought back and proved she was a viable Vice President candidate in 2008 and garnered much contingency support.

Nancy Pelosi
Appointed the first female speaker of the house, it is apparent that Nancy Pelosi has managed to overcome the totally male dominated aspect of politics. She, like other women before her have persevered and proved themselves as strong, powerful, and persistent women in the face of overwhelming adversity (Dabbous & Ladley, 2010). Her ability to project and pursue her family’s tradition in the political realm propelled her to the stature of first women as the House of Speaker role.
Even more recently, as Nancy Pelosi was involved in a number of politically volatile debates, she remained strong and unwavering in her position and deportment. As a strong woman, she supported her role and that of her country in a number of controversial events across the board. Even USA Today reported that “Pelosi wasted no time making clear who’s in charge now” (Dabbous & Ladley, 2010, p. 186). She remained attentive and focused on the US diplomatic matters at hand and worked diligently to resolve each issue.
Condoleezza Rice
Much like the other women presented Ms. Rice was presented with a number of hurdles and challenges in her career. However,...

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