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Through A Reading Experience Essay

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This paper provides a brief explanation about two modes of essay’s development; classification- division and comparison- contrast. It also includes my personal attitude toward them, based on my reading experiences on six related essays: “Fans”, “From Cakewalks to Concert Halls”, “The Three New Yorks”-as classification-division samples- and “Good Girl, Bad Girl”, “Jungle and Desert”, and “ That Lean and Hungry Look”- as comparison-contrast ones.
First, classification and division which are often used together indicate a method for categorizing. Only an invisible border waves between them to separate them as two individual sub-types. Division concerns on one thing and puts its parts or characteristics into groups. As an example, “From Cakewalks to Concert Halls” considers the historical reason for ragtime’s widespread among black and withes and divides it into its parts. In fact, the authors- ...view middle of the document...

It’s interesting that the author, Gallio, uses classification not just in purpose of categorizing, but in order to introducing bad and good manners of sport crowd’s individuals by means of a fan.
The last essay -"The Three New Yorks"- of this type includes a combination of both division and classification, but the latter is preveiling to the former, as E.B. White divides New York into three New Yorks, then classify them through the way the inhabitances using New York- to live, to work, and to dream.
Second, the next mode of writing, comparison and contrast, explains similarities and differences beetween two (or more) things. This mode may follows the prievios mode, actually, after taking things into categories, we naturally begin to bring out similarities and diffferences between them and among each one's individuals. So, comparision-cantrast and classification-division are in a tight relationship. For example, "Jungle and Desert" compare two kinds of way with their differences among many classes of way which were classified before in the author's mind.
In comparison-contrast author may have other points rather than just indicating similarities and differences, as what mentioned in "Fans"- one of the classification essay. This piont can be an ironic or sarcastic topic. "Good Girl, Bad Girl" is a minor sample, reaches an ironic idea; every one has a close friend in opposition of him or herself. Also, "That Lean & Hungry Look", a major sample, uses a sarcastic language to say that overwieght people are superferier than thin ones,
In conclusion both classification-division and comparison-contrast can be used as extended modes of academic writings with all details of a suitable writing fondution such as, thesis statement, body, and even title. For example, in the six mentioned samples titles play crucial roles. And although, classification-division mode uses more complex and ambigues titles, such as " Cakewalks to Concert Halls", which doesn’t give the reader a complete understanding toward what will be going on through the essay ( for example, "Ragtime" campare to " Cakewalks to Concert Halls" is a simple and not imaginative title).

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