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Through The Eyes Of Theorists Essay

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Running head: PERSONALITY PROFILE 1PERSONALITY PROFILE 5Personality ProfileThrough the Eyes of TheoristsAbraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Julian RotterJannelle ColeBrandman UniversityAuthor NoteThis paper was prepared for PSYU 322 - Theories of Personality.Taught by Dr. Mary Rogers, Brandman University, Santa Clarita, CA.Personality ProfileThrough the Eyes of TheoristsAbraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Julian RotterEach theorist this semester proposed different ways of measuring or documenting individual differences and intrapersonal processes. The elements of the many perspectives of each theorist permitted me to consider how my personality fit into each theory, and which seemed to relate or describe my progression in life. I will attempt to present the various perspectives describing my personality and my progression of self-actualization through the eyes of theorists Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Julian Rotter. Before I begin, let me introduce myself: I am 44 years old, married with 4 children. I am the youngest of 5, in which my siblings are 20+ years older than I am. My parents conceived me in their 40s. My parents had high expectations for their children, and I was constantly reminded of what made a person successful or worthy in life. I worked hard and I believe that I made them proud, though they never exactly told me so. I have been successful as well as burdened by complex experiences. I will proceed to apply and discuss the theories of self-actualization and how my experiences thus far have influenced my growth.Abraham Maslow proposed a hierarchy of five innate needs or "instinctoid needs" as he described them which activate and direct human behavior (Schultz & Schultz, 2013, p. 246). These are the physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization needs. These needs are arranged in the hierarchy according to their importance for survival or their power to motivate the individual. The lower the need is in the hierarchy the greater its need for survival. The higher needs in the hierarchy are less necessary for survival, rather contribute to growth. Physiological and safety needs are the lower and strongest of needs followed by belongingness and love, esteem, and the higher needs being self-actualization. Physiological and safety needs arise in infancy; belongingness and esteem needs arise in adolescence; and the need for self-actualization does not arise until midlife (p. 247). However, Maslow suggested that the order of needs can be changed. An example given in the text (p. 247) explains that those successful in their careers are no longer driven [or motivated] by their physiological and safety needs because these needs have been sufficiently taken care of. However, if an economic recession causes people to lose their jobs, the safety and physiological needs reassume as priority. Failure to satisfy these lower needs produces a crisis or a deficiency in the body or the individual which Maslow called...

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