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Through The Lens: A Look At Two Conflicting Mediums

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Chapter One

Photography has served many purposes throughout its course. Whether it be art, hobby, passion or assignment, many have encountered a digital camera in their lifetime. If one contrasts that with how often a person uses a camera on their cell phone, the numbers would jump drastically. What makes these two photographing devices so different? This was the focus of my senior project. As technology continues to progress, many predict that photography careers will soon be a thing of the past. I chose to delve into the life of a photographer, and see what it takes to produce a ‘simple’ photograph. My goal was to prove that not everyone has the ability to do what photographers do, and more importantly, to find out the complexities of photos–to see if one’s means of photographing make or break the product. In the process of this, I learned that the technological warfare between the digital camera and the cellular phone is a much closer battle than once anticipated.

Chapter Two
Research/Literature Review

In this day and age, everyone with a camera is a photographer. Despite years of schooling and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, people choose instead to take photographs on their own rather than visit a professional photographer. This, according to Gai, (2009) can be traced back to the evolution of cellular phones. “An emerging phenomenon in the landscape of the mobile phone is that this medium—no longer just a mere voice and text communication tool—is becoming a new platform where we can observe, record, and represent ourselves and our life. The mobile phone has come to epitomize technological convergence—it is a phone, a camera, and an Internet access portal.” (p. 1).
But Sascha Segan (2005) argues, “Your phone still won't replace your digital camera” (p.99). This is mostly due to image quality. We learn from Daniel Grotta and Sally Wiener Grotta that “Most digital cameras produce good images, with color fidelity, sharpness, and dynamic range that will satisfy most users.” Segan writes, “new 2-megapixel model and several IMP models offer images worth saving on your PC and sharing with friends, and high-quality lenses and optical zooms are coming soon” (pg.99). But many digital cameras have much higher mega pixel ranges. According to Derrick Story (2005) “Resolutions on digital SLRs can range from 6 mega pixels to 13 mega pixels or more.” (p. 60) This means that printing, emailing and opening photos taken on a digital camera can easily be done without the image turning to mud. Suzanne Kantra Kirschner (2003) proves this is untrue about camera phones. “Picture quality (VGA, at best) means these photos are strictly for electronic sharing — making a 4 by 6 print would be stretching it” (22).
Another huge factor for many people is price. Kirschner (2003) “The phones cost about $200 to $300, although prices have started to fall, and require a data service package at about $10 a month” (22). While stand-alone...

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