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Through The Lens Of Poklen Propasal

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Working Research Title: "Through The Lens of The Poklen"
Student Involved:
! Detailed Research Proposal
! 1. Introduction
1.1.Background Delinquent behavior have been linked with a social group namely; Poklen. However, there has only been a vague and ambiguous definition and thought about Poklen. The proposed topic for this research is "Through The Lens of The Poklen". ! The intention of this research project is to better understand who are the group of teenagers that are being labelled as Poklen and the roles that they play within the community. Henceforth, it will help to clear out some of the misconceptions of the different definitions and assumptions on Poklen. ! 1.2.Scope
"Through The Lens of The Poklen" is a qualitative and quantitative research project. For the
qualitative research, we will be focusing on interviews; on the norms, values, understandings, and rules of behavior of a group or society. Meanwhile, for quantitative research; surveys will be distributed to groups of teenager who are identified as Poklens. This survey will address on
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Name Registration Number
Abdul Faiz bin Sunadi 13b1007
Ak Md Dinie bin Pg Hj Harun 13b1068
Hj Md Asnawi bin Hj Othman 11b3038
Ak Md Hisyamuddin bin Pg Hamir 13b1005
Ak Muhd Haziqul Hafiy bin Pg Hj Harun 13b1008
Hajar Qurratu'Aini binti Napre 14b4053
Hjh Siti Nur Amani binti Hj Md Ilham 13b1120
Nurul Hidayati binti Hj Ja'afar 13b1312
Siti Nor Kamilah binti Rahman 13b1287
Siti Nazihah binti Hj Ahmad 13b1097
Dk Siti Nur Khadijah binti Pg Hj Bakar 14b4044
Sehaina Mudiana binti Datanggu 14b4141
Khairunnisa Amalina binti Hj Sirat 12b8360

several key aspects; identity, social, hangout space, style and music. The gathered data will be cross checked with our literature review to define what Poklen truly is. !
2. Literature Review To date, there have been no academic research conducted on poklen but they can be identified as a subculture. A subculture is formed by individuals taking a risk, separating themselves (subordinate) from the mainstream (dominant), and forming their own distinctive norms, not caring what the "normal" members of the mainstream society think of them. ! The main areas that we are looking at for our study of a specific subcultures like Poklens are identities, personalities, peer pressure and space & time. !
2.1.Identities According to Jonathan (1990) identity is about the sense of belonging, about what people have in common and how people differentiate from others. In other words, identity is about how individuals or groups see and define themselves and how other individuals or group see and define them. Kroger (1996) argued that Identity is formed through the socialization process and the influence of social institutions. ! Jeffery Arnett (2004) claims that what he refers to as "emerging adulthood" represents a new stage of development that became established during the latter part of the twentieth century. Emerging adulthood is characterized by a feeling of being adult...

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