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Through This Report A Discussion Of The Elements Of The Lost World By Michael Crichton Will Be Explored. A Further Explanation Of How These Elem...

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The Lost WorldThrough this report a discussion of the elements of The Lost World by Michael Crichton will be explored. A further explanation of how these elements combine to create a good or bad novel will be explored. The Lost World takes place six years after the incident on Isla Nublar, Costa Rica,(Jurassic Park)and only carries one of the characters over to the sequel, which is Ian Malcom. InGen, the company which had been breeding live dinosaurs had gone bankrupt immediately after the incident, and disappeared, along with any evidence of them ever being on Isla Nublar. All of the personnel involved with this expedition were not answering any questions, or they had mysteriously disappeared. Search parties had covered the whole island, along with the surrounding islands, and found nothing. Aberrant forms of extremely large reptiles had been washing up on the shores of various Costa Rican islands, and word was getting out to the public, most of who became very concerned about their health. The government would incinerate them on the spot immediately so nobody knew if they were really reptiles. Until Richard Levine got word of one of them which they had not heard of yet. Being as obsessed as he was he reached the site and collected a sample of flesh just as the troops burnt the form to ashes. Finding that it was most probable to assume the form was a species of dinosaur, he linked it to the InGen corporation incident a few years ago. He had been awaiting this moment for years, he was extremely well prepared; two trailers incredibly strong, with many features required for researching dinosaurs and their environment. But first he had to find the only island with dinosaurs remaining: a lost world. Collecting information, he discovered a Site B; the alleged island to contain dinosaurs He first sets out relying on his information which he collected various ways, but only mildly prepared, with a backpack and a guide. Upon arrival he is attacked and days later manages to contact his team back in America. The rest of Levine's team, consisting of Ian Malcom, Eddie Carr, Jack Thorne, Sarah Harding, Arby Benton, and Kelly Curtis(Kelly and Arby hid aboard the trailers and went along). They received Levine's distress signal and found his notes and set off with all the equipment to rescue Levine. Upon arrival they explored parts of the island and found that it was the area which InGen went from the DNA to the actual egg which contained the dinosaur, for there was a massive factory which they briefly explored. They found Levine who was healthy and set up various equipment to observe the dino's. Various events occur; the arrival of Sarah Harding, and the human enemies who steal eggs and spur the dinosaurs to attack everyone. After numerous encounters with the dinosaurs, they discover a boathouse with a working boat the plot goes from them being in a certain death situation to the short conclusion in a matter of pages. The Lost World did not follow the...

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