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Through Time Essay

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I’d grown use to the small secular space as I melting myself into a seat for what would be a long night filled with music. Offering a break from my busy day filled with classes and my babysitting job, I returned yet again to the School of Music’s Moore Building. The recital took place in the Britton Recital Hall which offers the musicians a space small enough to hold an intimate recital, contrastingly it was a space big enough to make the music grand. This particular recital was a faculty recital. Nancy King a graduate of the University earning a Bachelor’s of Music degree. After gaining momentum in her career she now has come back to the University residing as a Professor of ...view middle of the document...

This movement was very simple. The instruments would repeat after one another, maybe a whole or half-step under, returning to the main themes. In the form of a rondo Handel captured majestic tonal chords that embodied the work as a whole. The third movement, ‘Andante,’ returned back to a gloomy phase. The instruments flowed effortlessly. In the midsection of the piece the harpsichord acted like a songbird, the two oboes would hastily answer back to the harpsichord. This piece ended like a dream that somehow never ended, Handel allows the listener no time before the transition into the last movement. ‘Allegro’ is similar to the first movement, however, the key is changed to major. The key change is classical to the form of a rondo where the music returns to the start, but a little varied in style.
Ganymed by Dirk-Michael Kirsch was the second piece on the program. Ganymed tells the story of a young Greek boy who is gifted with eternal life because of his stunning beauty that ultimately lures the Kings of the gods, Zeus. Written in the program was the story spelled out.
I. Ganymed, the Greek youth perfect in beauty and grace
II. Zeus, fascinated by Ganymed’s beauty, tries to seduce him,
but Ganymed maintains his youthful enthusiasm.
III. Ganymed lies dreaming in a meadow……..
IV. …. Zeus sends an eagle to take the sleeping youth up to the gods.
V. Ganymed becomes cupbearer of the gods and receives eternal youth
as a gift from Zeus
The oboe is very whimsical in this piece. The notes are heavily decorated which emphasis the moments when Ganymed resists to the seduction of Zeus and instead resorts to embrace his youthful ways. Toward the very end of the piece the oboe displayed a wide array of notes descending from the whole note diatonic scale, which assembled a conversation between the young Greek boy and the God of the heavens and skies. Finally, Ganymed is enticed by the eagle that Zeus send and he goes to the heavens. A high pitch not that instantly resolves is the accepting of Zeus’s gift.
Divermento in C Major for Oboe and Strings, op. 9 by Bernhard Crusell included Yizhak Schotten on viola, Horacia Espinoza on cello, and Andrew Jennings and Timothy Steeves on the violin. This pieces name allowed me to foreshadow what was to come. Divermento has the root word ‘diver’ which could mean to diverge. While listening to the piece I noticed a separation between the oboe and strings. The oboe would lead, however the strings seemed to be telling a different story. In the third movement the key changed to minor, this was another averment. It returns to the beginning theme and it was gets a bit faster. Resembling Mendelssohn by displays of virtuosity.
Song and Dances for Oboe and Bassoon by John Steinmetz, with Jeffrey Lyman on bassoon was a premiere piece in this recital. Starting with the first movement, ‘Prelude’, the tone quality was very warm. The tempo of the song was very...

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