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The prophet Zarathustra descended from the mountains after ten years of isolation. He has descended to teach the masses about the overman, and the belief system that accompanies him. Nietzsche, through Zarathustra, is offering a new value system to replace Christianity. This value system can be referred to as ‘Zarathustraism’. A vital part to embracing this value system is the deconstruction of Christianity. Man has redefined Christianity to better suit personal desire, and it has begun to fail as a result. Zarathustraism will teach Man to live in the light of the Overman, free of the negativity Christianity caused.
Zarathustra has learnt the nature of God. In the time he spent in solitude, the prophet has acquired the knowledge that “God is dead” (Z Pro. 2), a controversial idea for the time. Humanity has killed God, for their love of science and inquiry made theism inconsequential. “You great star! What would your happiness be, had you not those for whom you shine?” (Z Pro. 1) speaks Zarathustra as he watches the sun rise. This alludes to why God has succumbed. Those who believed in God gave Him life, and those who did not contributed to His death.
One thing that becomes apparent in Zarathustra’s beliefs is the push towards having only a single virtue. “I love him who does not desire too many virtues. One virtue is more of a virtue than two, because it is more of a knot for one's destiny to cling to” (Z Pro. 4). Christianity is filled with many testaments that restrain the believers, but this belief system implies an elastic moral code that would not grow old. The many laws of Christianity have been interpreted differently for over two thousand years. A self-defined virtue will only ever be interpreted by he who makes it, so inaccurate interpretations will be non-existent. Differing opinions on religion have often led to bloodshed in the past. This is a contributing factor to the negativity that grew within Christianity. When Man sees another living in a way that they disagree with, they tend to try and change the other. Under Zarathustrianism, there would be no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in morality, only the way we choose to live.
Zarathustra and his company arrive on an island, where Zarathustra encounters a fire-dog. (Z II xviii) On the topic of churches, Zarathustra accuses the fire-dog: “you surely know your own species best!” (Z II xviii) Fire-dogs are symbolic for Christian churches, which are bloated and self centered. Zarathustraism clearly despises the church for the actions resulted in God’s death. The church demands obedience from its followers, and thus led them astray.
It becomes apparent quickly that Zarathustra has love for Man. Despite this love, he still feels beneath them. In a town, Zarathustra notices that new, man-made structures had become smaller. “I pass through this people and keep my eyes open; they have become smaller, and ever become smaller: - the reason thereof is their doctrine of...

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